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Cost Per Action (CPA) is really hot right now, and it shows no signs of slowing up. Those who got in early are already making big bucks. It's not too late for you.

Make Money With CPA

by Jim Green

Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing is similar to affiliate marketing, but with some very significant differences. With affiliate marketing, you only get paid if your referral buys the affiliate product. With CPA marketing you can get paid for quite a number of different actions as determined by the publisher.

The action can be anything from your referral filling in a from with their postal code, to filing in several pages that include a complete personal contact form, to accepting a "free trial", to an actual purchase. Many ask only for a postal code or email address on the first page, but then require more and more information on successive pages. Usually, the more your visitor is asked to do, the more you get paid per visitor.

CPA networks, unfortunately, are generally much more difficult to sign up for than affiliate programs. Most CPA networks are closely managed, with each "affiliate" being assigned a manager. Your potential manager does not want to waste her time and effort on affiliates that aren't going to deliver quality traffic i.e. traffic that takes the required action.

In the typical CPA network, a publisher pays to get a specific action, usually a filled in lead form, but occasionally a sale. Because there is the potential to spend thousands and thousands of dollars per day, a publisher will need a significant bankroll to start. This heavy cash requirement usually excludes most beginning Internet marketers from becoming publishers.

Promoters, usually called "affiliates", are another matter. You can promote offers for free or very low cost, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques such as writing articles and posting them to article sites like, creating and posting to blogs, or building websites. If you have some ready cash, then Pay Per Click (PPC) is an option. Keep in mind that only one or two PPC offers in ten pay off, so you need to be continually tracking and testing.

The most common, and almost always the most profitable, promotion method is through email. Back to that old list again! Remember, though, do not spam or you will be shut down. Publishers do not want their names or their products associated with disreputable campaigns.

Joining Networks

Joining a CPA network is a lot more difficult than just giving them your name and PayPal address. These folks only want to deal with folks who look like they can produce quality traffic. You need to appear to be a solid business with a quality company website and several websites that are up and running CPA traffic - I believe that Adsense is okay, but it would be better if you could show something more exciting like Amazon, or even ClickBank.

Once you are up and running with your websites - make sure that all of the pages work, not typos, spellos or grammos, and that your phone number is correct, because they may phone you - apply to a network that has a product that you want to promote. A good place to find CPA products and the networks that offer them is - not an affiliate link - where they list many of the good products and the networks you need to be accepted by to offer them.

Don't wait for them to call you! Use your phone and call them. Be prepared to answer questions about your business and where your traffic originates. Remember, they only want quality traffic, so if you don't appear to be able to deliver it, they will dump you like a hot potato.

When you are talking to the network manager, keep in mind that they can be an enormous fund of extremely valuable knowledge such as which offers are converting, which offers are finished of being pulled soon, and if they like you, they can give you access to special private offers.

If you don't know enough to withstand the grilling you are sure to get, don't submit your application! Get the answers before you call, or for sure you will be rejected.


Conversions are paid for a number of different actions. The easiest is an email or postal code submit, but can be for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd page submit, a paid trial, a download, a PIN submit, or an outright sale. The more your referral is required to do before you are paid, the lower the conversation rate will be, but the higher you will be paid per action. A low paying offer that requires only and email submit is obviously going to convert a lot more than a higher paying action that requires a paid trial or a sale. Generally speaking, the highest profits are generated from the 1st page submits.

Be sure to check what types of promotion are allowed for your chosen offer. If an offer only allows email promotion and you run a fabulous PPC campaign, you won't get paid! Some offers have age and country of origin restrictions. Many offers do not allow you to pay the visitor for the action (incentivize). Make sure that you honour these restrictions, or no payday for you.

If you follow the above suggestions, I'm sure that you will have successfull CPA programs. Good luck and good hunting.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

Getting accepted by the CPA networks is crucial to success in this area. The best tutorial on how to get accepted I found is HERE. I signed up for the course and am extremely pleased. If you sign up, I'm sure that you will be more than happy you made that choice.

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