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In this newsletter I am going to outline a few different sales that you can setup and profit from very quickly! For want of a better title, I'll call this group “Speed Sales” because they are quick to set up, quick to end, and make very fast bundles of cash.

Speed Sales For Fun & Profit

by Jim Green

Very new Internet marketers have thrown one of these together in a week or two. Some have made profits of $3-$5,000. Now $3k isn't millions or anything like that, but for a week or two of easy work, it’s not too shabby either- especially if you are just starting out in this business!

There are a few different types of speed sales that you can run. They are all easy to set up and profitable. They also have very similar formulas for getting them to work, so you could mix and match them.

The thing that makes speed sales really effective at generating cash is the limitations you impose. Something, usually the price is limited in each speed sale. What I mean is, the whole point of the sale is that the product(s) is at a discount for the time being, but the price is going up at a specific time (like in 30 minutes, or on September 21, etc..)

Different sales use different concepts for how the price is raised and what is limited.

Fire sales

Fire sales have been around a while and still work great when you have a suitable set of products. The problem of course is getting a good set of three to five products to make this work effectively.

Big time marketers have been known to make in excess of $100,000, so I’m not saying that fire sales aren't worth it, but as for the “Speed Sale” theme, these are probably the slowest to make happen.

Dimes And Nickels

These can be very popular when done right, because they work like a charm. A dimes and nickels sale is self-limiting. Since the price increases by a nickel or a dime usually every 20 or 30 minutes, the constantly increasing price creates massive urgency and a ton of sales very quickly, but, the price eventually gets too high and the sales slow down and finally cease altogether.

100% Sales Commission

The concept of a 100% commission sale involves giving affiliates 100% of the initial sale, and making your money on the upsell and downsell.

You basically start off selling a product of some sort using either a nickel sale format or a low fixed price of $7 or $9.97. When somebody buys, they are automatically enrolled in your affiliate program where they can promote your site and make 100% of the sale. The money is instantly deposited into their Paypal account.

This makes it very attractive for people to promote your sale, so the traffic is built into the equation. Whenever somebody buys your initial product, they are sent to the upsell page where you sell another product that you (the owner) get all of the money for. I always sell the upsell at $27 or so, but I have seen $7 upsells, and $97 upsells. It just depends on what you have to sell that is related to the first product you are selling.

The upsell page is usually portrayed as a one time offer page. The visitor only gets to see this page once and makes a decision to buy or not. This creates urgency. The only way they can see it again is if they buy the first product again.

If they do not want to buy the product on that page, you can have a "No Thanks" link at the bottom which takes them to the downsell.

The downsell is another offer that is cheaper than the upsell. So if your upsell is $27, your downsell may be $17 or $7.

The key to a Speed Sale is the affiliates who promote it. This is where all of your traffic will come from (aside from your own list). Affiliates only really want two things, big commissions, and killer sales ratios.

These sales produce both of those, so the only thing left is to create a killer product/offer to sell.

This is where these types of sales have had problems. A lot of people are just plain selling crap. They think because the price is low, they can sell garbage.

Just because it is cheap doesn't mean it can be crap. You still need to offer value.

90% of the most successful nickel sales are brand new reports that were just created for that specific sale. Another successful product is one that is currently for $47 or more, so at $5 it is a steal.

All the products must be of high quality, and therefore, affiliates will have no problem promoting them. You want to run a successful sale and do it quickly? Make sure you are selling quality.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

Some of you may have missed this note last week, so I am repeating it. Getting accepted by the CPA networks is crucial to success in this area. The best tutorial on how to get accepted I have found is HERE. I signed up for the course and am extremely pleased. If you sign up, I'm sure that you will be more than happy you made that choice.

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