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Are you leaving money on the table by not using seasonal holidays to market your products? This week, I talk about how to use holidays to your marketing advantage.

How to Generate Extra Sales Using Seasonal Marketing.

by Jim Green

If you are like most of the marketers I know, you want to drive more people to your website to buy your product or service, or maybe just sign up for your newsletter. If you are not using seasonal marketing, then you are missing big opportunities.

There are a myriad of real and imagined occasions that you can use to market your product or service. There are of course the big seasons like Christmas, Easter, Valentine's, New Year, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Memorial Day, Labour Day, and various other religious and secular holidays. But there are also personal and invented occasions. Don't forget your birthday, your wedding anniversary, your children's birthdays, etc.

People love seasonal holidays. Brick and Mortar retailers make the majority of their income during the Christmas season. Mainly because the majority of purchases are gifts for friends and loved ones. Many ebooks and scripts can be made to fit into this category. Everyone is aware that many products are only available on a seasonal basis.

Although your product might not be a strictly seasonal product, you can still take advantage of the hype around these holidays. How can you take advantage of these sales opportunities? The easiest way of course is to have a sale that is good only for the period around the occasion.

An interesting way to build your list around a holiday involves having visitors click on traditional symbols related to the occasion e.g. stars, balls, lights, garlands around Christmas, witches, brooms, ghosts, goblins, etc around Halloween, rabbits, eggs and chocolate around Easter, etc. Clicking on the symbol allows your visitor to submit their name and email address to enter into a draw for a seasonal prize, and of course sign up to your list. Just make sure that you let them know that by entering the contest, they will be signing up for your list.

Signing up to win a copy of your product can be a good marketing ploy. Although some people who would otherwise buy might hold off in hopes of winning, you will have all of those names to notify of the winner, and offer a consolation prize of your product at a super discount.

Try to make your campaign different and imaginative. Make it memorable, and it might even go viral. Your campaigns are only limited by your imagination. Don't forget to use great seasonal graphics to make your site more exciting. Maybe even include a picture of yourself in seasonal garb, where appropriate.

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from Your Faithful Editor

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