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Are you leaving money on the table by not using seasonal holidays to market your products? This week, I talk about how to use holidays to your marketing advantage.

How To Market With Facebook Fan Pages

by Jim Green

Robert Grant and Ian David Chapmanís video on Facebook fan pages is very informative. I'm summarizing it here to save you the 41 minutes it takes to watch it.

Facebook fan pages have been compared to a blog on steroids. By leveraging the power of the 300 million Facebook users, fan pages are thee way to deliver viral messages. The average Facebook users has 100 friends, and every time a user joins your fan page, all 100 friends are notified - can you ask for a better endorsement?

If you have a blog, you can install a widget that links to your fan site. Link your fan page, your blog and your Twitter account and you have a potential marketing powerhouse. Your content is delivered to all of your fansí newsfeeds. Every bit of content placed on your fan site is also mirrored on your fansí walls.

Because they are so intrusive, Tell-A-Friend scripts are no longer delivering any quantity of visitors. However, friends of your fans get exposed to your comments and therefore, fan newsfeeds, are viral, but not intrusive.

Current studies suggest that 67% of Internet users seek advice from social sites before making a purchase. Done correctly, your fan site can position you as a trusted expert on your topic of choice. You can be a significant influencer of your fansí and their friendsí purchases in your area.

Another neat feature of fan pages is the ability to create real-time scarcity. Because fan pages are updated regularly, you can create excitement, anticipation, and buzz much better than with email. People read fan pages on average four times each day, so you can update your page and expect it to be noticed. Sending four emails a day would probably lead to big unsubscribes from your list, but you can send out two or three emails a week to update your folks. Again, fan pages allow four updates per day!

Before you get excited and start marketing like mad on fan pages, keep in mind that you must engage your readers and develop trust. You must prove your commitment by consistently posting good info without the expectation of immediate sales. Use your fan pages to educate your fans. Pre-sell them on the need for a product like yours. Answer their questions. Share quality information. Become that trusted advisor.

Facebook fans are a list, and if you do it right, you can collect their names and email addresses so that you can email them also. I think I've said this a few times before - the money is not in the list, itís in the relationship.

You have probably noticed that the open rates to your emails is on the decline. Response rates to your email marketing are dropping like a rock. Although it is still a very important marketing channel, the future of email marketing is very uncertain. There is so much competition for the inbox that it is almost impossible to get your message through.

Talking with my grandkids - late teens, early twenties - I've discovered that they do not use email. They use social networks. They're big on mobile communication. Just this morning, I read a Facebook post from my granddaughter. Her workplace was without power, and she was posting about it on Facebook using her cell phone. If no one reads your emails, then your message does not get through.

Think you've got it covered because you are on Twitter. Think again. Because of the prevalence of spam robots, most people are using Tweetdeck and Twhirl to filter you out and only pay attention to their friends. Right now, most users do not know how to filter Facebook newsfeeds, so they pay attention to your message. But it must not be annoying, anything more than four messages per day, or they will give you the boot.

Facebook fan pages are totally free. Early adopters will have a huge advantage, because once you reach a critical mass, your site will be self-sustaining - it will grow on its own. There is a limited window of opportunity in most niches, and if you act now, you can own the niche before your competition gets started. Think of it as another opportunity to get in on Google Pay-Per-Click at the very beginning.

Success very much depends on you finding people who are passionate about your products or services and deliberately entering into a conversation with them. Encourage them to spread your message - donít be afraid to recognize them with high quality freebies and other cool stuff. Once you engage them, they will develop a feeling of loyalty and responsibility for you and will evangelize on your behalf.

et involved with social media now. Market to communities rather than individuals. You will need some new skills itís true, but your business will benefit greatly.

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