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I've fallen a little behind in my newsletters again. I was away at Unseminar 7, and then got ill when I returned. Kind of slowed me to a crawl, but things are looking. I think that you'll enjoy today's article.

Marlon Sanders at Unseminar 7

by Jim Green

This is my overview of the presentation given by Marlon Sanders at Unseminar 7. Any inconsistencies are probably mine.

How to put money in the bank by creating and producing a product --next week --even if you've never done it before, even if you aren't a good writer, even if you don't look good on video, and even if you don't have any ideas.

Step One: Choose Your Market

Step Two: Review the most popular categories in your market

Go to

Look for categories with red arrows next to them. The red arrows mean that there are sub-categories that you can check out.

Once you find a sub-category of interest, just click to see the articles under it.

Click on an article of interest to you, and scroll down to the bottom of the article where you will find The Most Viewed Articles in (Your Category).

You don't actually need to read the articles in the list. What you do is find topics that interest you, then click on the link in the resource box at the end of the article. Go to the website to see if ANYTHING is being sold other than an inexpensive ebook.

You're looking for a market where newsletters, CD’s-of-the-month, or membership sites are being sold and paid for on a monthly basis. You're looking for groups of people who pay royally to attend seminars and workshops.

Step 3: Put your articles through this checklist

    Does the target audience already buy info products?

    Does the target audience already have an affiliate program?

    Do you see four to seven PPC ads running in Google?

    If not, why not? Tread carefully, there may be a reason why no one is advertising in this market.

    Can you reach the target audience with advertising that you can afford? Can you get on the first page of Google with PPC ads that cost less than 50 cents a click? Can you use banners? Is there any way that you can reach this audience?

    Do you see a lot of articles on Check out the URL in the resource box. Are they selling anything other than PPC ads?

    Does the market have forums where people go to discuss the topic?

Step 4: Use the Back Door to Follow the Money to Great Markets

For a market to be attractive, you want to see continuity income from subscriptions to something such as membership programs, CD’s-of-the-month, or coaching programs.

This means that you can take the back door to your target market by searching for these things. In Google you type in the name of your market and one of the above, e.g.

    Your topic newsletter

    Your topic membership

    Your topic CD of the month

    Your topic seminar

    Your topic coaching program

Step: 5 Brainstorm a list of 12 product ideas

You must always have an advantage and know what it is before you create your product. An example of this would be if you are the second or third product into a market. You can move your product up the food chain by attacking the weak areas of the other product(s). You do not make your product cheaper! By attacking the weaknesses of the product in number one place, and showing how your product avoids those weaknesses, you are sure of selling some product into the market.

Next you could do a 12 product survey. Ask, “Which of the following 12 products would you be most likely to buy in the next 30 days?” Surveys require large audiences in order to get a few replies. A faster, simpler way is to search the forums for topics with a lot of views and replies.

Once you have a topic, you can search Google for high end products on which you can model your own product.

The easiest way to create your own product is to find experts, and ask questions. Send an email requesting an interview. One of the other speakers at Unseminar 7 had an excellent email template to use for sending to these experts. Look for it in the weeks to come.

Your sales page should adhere to the following blueprint:

  1. The Hook - replaces the usual headline. It should focus on the one idea that would captivate the attention your market.

  2. Make sure that you have a big, bold, exciting hook or benefit. Remember “What’s in it for me!” is the only question that matters to your audience.

  3. Dramatic Difference - Must sell people on it. Often called Unique Selling Proposition.

  4. Dramatic Proof - high quality testimonials. A picture or video raises the level automatically.

  5. Opportunity - Paint the opportunity you are providing very clearly. People buy because they believe they are betting a benefit. You must allow them to pay dimes for dollars of value.

Next week I'll talk about Eric Farewell’s presentation on Personal Launch Secrets.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

Let me know if you enjoy these excerpts from Unseminar 7.

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