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Still not recovered, but at least the newsletter is getting done. I hope to provide some good links to freebies next week. I think that you'll enjoy today's article.

Eric Farewell at Unseminar 7

by Jim Green

This is the second in my series of newsletter articles on Unseminar 7. Today I am going to take a look at the presentation made by Eric Farewell on launches. Eric is quite the personable young man, newly married (two weeks before if I remember correctly), and keen to share.

Eric shared a couple of tips before he got into the meat of his presentation. He suggests that Internet marketers adopt a signature that is added in indigo blue, or another colour that differs significantly from the page colours, to every site. He likes, where you can get your writing made into a font. I'm not much for putting my real signature on the web. I found that you could get a serviceable signature for free from (Not an affiliate link!) Just play around with the options until you find something you like.

He goes on to suggest that bright red headlines are better replaced with headlines in a red-orange (#CC0000). He then suggests that backgrounds in green and orange are the worst possible, except for Halloween.

Eric also suggests that you leave large spaces around the headlines and sub-headlines to give the eyes a chance to rest and take in what you have written. And finally, he says, regardless of the length of your page, put the opt-in box at the bottom.

Building Launches

Build your launches one on top of the other so that you always have a launch in the works.

1. Build your first list

  • create a 5 - 10 page PDF that answers the burning questions in your niche

  • run PPC advertising for your free answers

  • require visitors to opt-in to get your free answers

  • set up a series in your autoresponder that is sent out 0, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 1, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 days apart

  • find joint venture partners - your competition is a great source - trade promotion for putting them in your autoresponder sequence.

2. Branding is Important

  • >figure our what your branding should be in your chosen niche, and then stick to it

3. Build Your Relationships

  • talk to your list just like they were your long lost friends

  • ask them what their needs are

  • discover their emotional “hot buttons”

  • respond to their needs

Timing is Everything #1

Gather your JV partners.

Set the launch date two months out - if you rush, you will fail.

Contact your biggest competitors. They are likely your best source of sales.

Seek out the forum gurus - offer them a commission (30 - 55%) to push/review your launch. product - you might even offer to buy a line in their signature for $100 a year.

Talk to popular bloggers - get them excited and talking about your launch.

Timing is Everything #2

The “Uber Secret” Hint

Start dropping hints about your plans to create direction and excitement.

Lean heavily on social media to get your word out.

Talk about what you wish you could share but it isn't time yet.

Remember, scarcity is powerful - even when it is only implied.

Timing is Everything #3 or Pre-Launch

Begin sharing examples of how your method and system has worked for people “Just like them”

Share secret looks inside how your system works / what it does

Timing is Everything #4 - Your Launch Day

Set a specific time and date when your product is finally available.

Use a “front of the line” opt-in to move people to your hot groups.

Timing is Everything #5

Collect your cash. Probably the most satisfying part of the launch.

Timing is Everything #6 - Post Launch

Show inside looks at what your clients are doing. well things are working.

Interview your keenest customer.

Consider offering a few more sales if your market is desperate.

Timing is Everything #6 - Re-Launch

Offer a limited number or time for true scarcity.

Just make sure that you give a plausible reason why you have a quota, time limit, etc. or you will damage your credibility.

A Couple of Extra Hints and Tips

Your Launch Must Have Mental Triggers

  • social proof

  • scarcity

  • stories

  • community

  • interaction

  • consistency

Building Your Offer

  • Provide proof your product works - testimonials.

  • Explain exactly what the customer should expect from your product.

  • Explain exactly how they can expect to get your product for themselves.

  • Include bonuses - especially for the fast movers.

  • Highlight your guarantee.

  • Don't be afraid to state your price clearly.


  • Sell people on watching your video

  • Read them your salesletter, or at least talk about it

  • Tell them that they are in a special group.

  • Tell them about a secret link to a hidden discount.

  • Point them to an opt-in link to get to the secret page.

  • Offer a 90 day guarantee.

Make an event out of everyday business.

Next week I'll talk about Erica Douglass’s presentation on Creating a Product Quickly.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

Let me know if you enjoy these excerpts from Unseminar 7.

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