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Joe Vitale & Wendi Frieson at Unseminar 7

by Jim Green

This is the fourth in my series of newsletter articles on Unseminar 7. Today I am going to take a look at the presentations made by Dr. Joe Vitale and Wendi Frieson. Although each of them made a presentation that lasted the full ninety minutes, I was able to compress them so that I could do both of them in one newsletter.

Dr. Joe Vitale at Unseminar 7

Dr. Joe Vitale is, according to the note on his book jacket, is the stand-out star in the hit movies “The Secret”, “The Compass” and “Leap”! He’s the author of numerous best selling books, including “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits”.

Joe had some very concise but excellent advice for those present. He suggested that everyone go to his website and download his free new book called “Attract Money Now”. He impressed upon us that attitude is the key factor in attaining wealth.

Most people do not attain wealth because they either don't think big enough, or worse, don't take any action. To be successful, you must expand your mind. Only then will you gain true wealth.

Joe has come up with a new marketing plan that he is putting into action now. His plan consists of:

1. Creating an informercial to give away his new book. He will also make a short video for sites like YouTube.

2. Teach people to obey the divine. Simplify your life.

3. Include an email opt-in. Create a positive email relationship.

4. Give good free stuff to the email list.

5. Market related products to the list.

The Seven Principles

1. Nevillize your goals.

2. Help your community.

3. Think like an entrepreneur.

4. Give money away. At least 10% to where you get your spiritual strength.

5. Ask for help.

6. Make prosperous purchases.

7. Alter your thinking. And remember, money likes speed, so act quickly.

Joe emphasized the philosophy, “Give and you shall get.”

He also mentioned a different approach to problems. Instead of the usual “what if something goes wrong, and making that list” he suggests using “What if UP” that is what if this turns out even better than we had planned.

Since I compressed Joe’s presentation so much, I am going to cover another speaker also today.

Wendi Frieson at Unseminar 7

Wendi is a Clinical Hynothereapist and an astute Internet marketer. She started her presentation by taking some bills to an easel and put up a sign saying, “Free Money.” It didn't take too long before members of the audience took her up on her offer! She explained that the first person up as a risk taker, while the rest were less of risk takers. Sometimes being a risk taker can be highly profitable. Other times, it can lead to huge losses. Considered risk taking is the way to win.

Wendi went on to say that most people are held back by their own inner game. She suggested that we ask ourselves, “Do you want to be poor?” and then “What do you really want?” We might be surprised by the answers that are returned.

She told us that success can be achieved if we would focus just a couple of hours each day.

If we are not succeeding, then we have an inner block. This block has a positive intention - that is it is trying to protect us from a fate worse than we are currently enduring - i.e. failure.

We need to ask this inner block the following questions:

1. What do you want?

2. What do you really want?

3. Why do you want it?

4. What do you need me to do to allow me to take my desired action?

Next week I'll talk about Nathan Anderson's presentation on search engine optimization.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

I've received a lot of positive feedback on this series about speakers from Unseminar 7. Let me know how you feel about them by clicking on the link to my support desk below.

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