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Nathan Anderson at Unseminar 7

by Jim Green

This is the fifth in my series of newsletter articles on Unseminar 7. Today I am going to take a look at the presentation made by Nathan Anderson.

Nathan Anderson at Unseminar 7

Nathan is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert that mixed his spiritual and business beliefs to give us an integrated approach to our businesses.

Philosophy of Business

To succeed, according to Nathan, we should give 100% to our efforts, read an hour every day, word daily on our beliefs, get right with God, kill TV, lose any negative friends, ask and then accept, he emphasized accept, and Manifest Abundance.

There is no competition. We are made in Godís image, so we should live in faith, not fear.

To succeed, we need to follow one system with blinders, but we shouldn't be afraid to jump ship it the system isn't working.

Remember to add exceptional value, because the entrepreneur who adds the most value wins. Develop a long term friendship with your customers. Give them stuff. Good customers are like gold - cherish them. Let people take advantage of you. By that he meant to answer questions and be accessible to your customers. Be nice.

Search Engine Optimization

Once Nathan had finished with the philosophical part of his presentation, he got down to the cold, hard facts of SEO.

Nathan was quite clear that on page SEO can get your site on page one of Google. He also stated that dropped domains, if they have traffic, can still be a traffic source for your site. But the longer the URL, the lower the Search Engine (SE) ranking. The older the domain, the better. Google likes domains to be at least three years old. The more keywords in your URL the better. The best domains are .com, but .net and .org are powerful also.

Although the description meta tag is not used for Search Engine ranking, it is used for the SE listing. Keyword density is also not important. If you must use a sub domain, the presence of keywords helps the ranking. If you can get your key phrase as the URL, it is a definite plus.

Check out the successful pages in your niche and try to mimic them. Revise your pages as necessary.

When you are building your site, remember that Google is an ad agency. They want to send people to pages that are relevant to the visitorís search so that they will return to Google for further searches and to click on ads. Yahoo and Bing are both maintained just to make money, so relevant search results matter to them.

Do not put named pages on your site! Put all of your pages in named folders to improve their rank. That means of course that every page is an index page, otherwise you will need to tag on the name of the page to the URL making it longer and less attractive.

Putting ad codes on your pages degrades their placement. Get your SE ranking before you start placing ad codes on your page.

Long pages with pertinent content will normally rank higher than shorter pages. Ed. Note: Which may explain part of why long pages sell better - they get more exposure.

The more time your visitors spend on your page, the higher the ranking. Using videos is a good way to increase visitor time on page.

Nathan was adamant that private registration of domains was bad. If you don't want to put your true name on the registration, then maybe you are trying to hide something. Ergo you and your site are less trustworthy in the eyes of the Search Engines.

If you provide pages with answers and solutions, the SE will provide the traffic. You can't get too specific. Addressing the narrowest niche with the most in-depth information is the best SEO you can get.

People spend fortunes on their passions. If you don't have a product for your niche, check out Clickbooth.

Off-Page SEO

Article marketing is a good method of SEO, and so is Video Marketing - automate your system with Traffic Geyser a paid system. Ed. Note: Tube Mogul does not provide as extensive coverage, but it is free.

Blog commenting is also good. Regardless of whether your link gets the no-follow attribute or not, every link does count.

By targeting one keyword on one page, you will get the best bang for your buck. Thus you should sell only one lead product per page.

Next week I'll talk about Nathan Anderson's presentation on search engine optimization.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

I've received a lot of positive feedback on this series about speakers from Unseminar 7. Let me know how you feel about them by clicking on the link to my support desk below.

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