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Operation Red Nose is eating me alive. Every free hour is being utilized for this volunteer effort. I don't mind though because it is very gratifying. As long as I can squeeze out enough time each week to do this newsletter, I'll be happy. This is the last in my articles covering Unseminar 7.

Craig Perrine at Unseminar 7

by Jim Green

The last in my series about Unseminar 7 is my take on Craig Perrine who talked at length about inspired marketing.

Inspired Marketing

Do what you really really want to do.

When you want to do it.

Follow your deepest dreams.

Make a real difference.

Play your best game.

Questions to Ask Yourself

What will drive you forward?

What have you always loved?

What have you never had?

What would you do for FREE?

If You Follow Your Inspiration

Work is more like play.

You focus automatically.

You create real value.

You will attract your customers’ attention.

You will make more money.

It all starts with a gut feeling. When you notice a problem, pay attention.

Look Around

Problems are everywhere.

Once you have the solution, take inspired action.

Your Opportunity

Where you see opportunity, others will freeze from the crisis.

Remember, success leaves traces.

Unconscious Power

The unconscious mind is 96% of success.

Let go control - Ego is a negative force.

Keep in mind that people act on emotion.

Trust your internal processes.

Your authenticity is your power. Conversely, if you do not have authenticity, you have no power.

The key is to capture inspiration and record it in the moment. Keep an mp3 recorder, phone or notepad always at hand. Once you have an inspiration, take your first action immediately.

Sanity Check for Your Inspirations

Is there a market hungry for your idea?

Is the market easy to reach?

Does the market have a history of buying?

Follow proven methods to reach your market.

Celebrate every step you take because most people don't do anything.

Do a Quick and Dirty Check of Your Idea

Google your idea to see if there is any interest. Use the Google keyword tool.

Check Clickbank to see if anyone else is selling a similar product.

Are there similar products on Amazon?

Is there an Idiots or Dummy guide on your topic?

If the market is saturated, then maybe you should move on.

If no one else is in the niche, then you probably don't want to be there either.

You want a niche in which someone else has broken the trail, but the trail hasn't yet been turned into a superhighway.

How to Find Your Buyers

Check for a Facebook group.

A niche forum where you can answer questions and complaints.

Who is tweeting in your niche?

Check out Amazon “What else to buy”.

Find the leaders in your niche, particularly bloggers.

The ABC’s of Inspired Marketing

A = Attract

B = Bond

C = Convert

Attract Your Targeted Audience

Make blog posts about your keywords. Make sure that your blog uses the keyword in the title and the body of the post.

Forum leaders are very influential. Become one of them in your niche.

Post blog comments on popular blogs in your niche.

Tweet on your niche.

Write articles about your keywords.

Be the Authority or the Reporter in Your Niche

Make your expertise one inch wide, but a mile deep.

Positioning is everything.

Stand out from the crowd.

Do what it takes to connect with the leaders in you niche.

Don't be afraid to have opinions. Whether people agree or disagree they will respect you for taking a stand.

Don't stop learning. You must be current in your niche.

Bond with Your Potential Buyers

Give them good value for free.

Make useful and meaningful blog posts.

Build trust in your relationship.

Stand out from the competition. Be yourself. Don't use an assumed persona.

Capture your followers names and emails.

Cool List Building Strategies

Deliver expert content from your posts and articles.

Show a clip of you being interviewed on your topic.

Provide a free membership level, rather than sign up for your list.

Create a forum. Be the community leader. You can use Simple Press a free forum for WordPress.

Stay on Target

What are the top 10 problems in your niche. Or stated another way, what are the top 10 solutions that people are buying?

List the top 10 real problems. List the top 10 solutions / successes. Post them on your monitor.

Talk about your lifestyle. Be authentic.

Lead them to water (hope for them) and tell them to get it (buy it).

Always make strong efforts to attract new people.

Convert Your Follower into Buyers

Inform and pre-sell your visitors to your blog. Do not post a sales page per se. Be conversational, entertaining, etc.

Follow up with email promotions. Set the expectations for your readers, and then meet them.

Make relevant offers.


Your Opportunity is Unlimited

Ideas equate to money.

Your personality is an integral part of your branding.

Making a connection with your audience is the key to success.

Do what you want.

Outsource the rest.

Again celebrate every little success or movement, regardless of the direction.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

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