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I took a look at the "Building a 7 Figure Business" video of Stephen Pierce that Mike Filsaime is giving away. There was so much good information that I thought that I might as well make notes for myself. I've fleshed out the notes just a little for you here.

Building a 7 Figure Business

by Jim Green

I won't mention Stephen again, but everything that follows is my take of his presentation, or copied from his slides.

Positioning - Set yourself apart
Shaping - Influence the evaluation
Bridging - Link wants to solutions
Closing - Convert interest into sales

Always have competition - even if only “no decision”. People always have a choice.

Set your objectives. Visitors make a value decision. Some will never act on “free”. Will they act on the same offer for a price?

No effective controls without measurements. If you are not keeping score, you are just practising.

There is no status quo. You are either winning or losing.

Don’t do what you can’t measure. Don’t measure what you can’t change.

The 7 Areas of Measurements of 7 Figure Business

1. Delivery Rates
2. Open Rates
3. Unique Clicks/Visitors
4. Optins
5. Sales
6. Up-sells
7. Cross-sells

Whatever is undermining your sales becomes the “decisive sales point”. You must have the numbers for the areas of measurement to determine the “weakest point” in your sales stream. Fix it. You may have multiple weak points that need to be addressed, but address only the weakest point that has the most impact on your business. Only move on to the next weak point when it becomes the weakest point. Do not waste effort by jumping around trying to fix everything at once.

You need to keep and grow your customers. Your business is not about you making money, it is about you helping others. You need to provide value to people so that they become your customers. In order to do this, you need to develop an efficient sales process so that they will buy more so that they will grow more and become better at what you are teaching them to do.

The sales process is the life blood of your system. Without it, nothing else can happen. You must provide value throughout your sales process. People are searching for more, and you must provide them with more of what they are looking for.

“By trying to be strong everywhere, you will be strong nowhere.”

You can outsource everything, but you must be the master of your sales process. Once you can manage the sales process successfully, you can continue to make money, even if you have no product of your own.

Nothing moves without a sale. Don’t fumble the sales process.

If you do not have an efficient well designed sales process, you rob people of the opportunity to buy from you.

Once you have identified the area that requires your main effort, make sure that everything you do contributes to your main effort. If you are doing things that do not contribute to your main effort, then that effort is wasted.

Decide On & Activate Main Effort

  • Mission - Clearly stated purpose.
  • Objective - Events and timelines campaign will accomplish.
  • Strategy - Describes how you will exploit the opportunity.
  • Tactics - Activities to increase market interaction.

7 Steps to a 7 Figure Sales Process

  1. Set your sales goals.
  2. Map the Sales Process.
  3. Set Objectives for Key Value Points.
  4. Measure Key Value Points.
  5. Identify Critical Vulnerabilities.
  6. Select Your Focus of Effort.
  7. Decide On & Activate Maine Effort.
  • Value is not just in the product, it’s in the sales process that is.
  • Sales improvement is about understanding the parts of your sales process and how they interact.
  • If you are doing things that do not add value for your customers, you must stop doing them.

The better you grow yourself, the better the value you can provide for your customers. What you do inside will determine the impact you have on what you do outside. Focus - starts with your vision of your future. Allows you to see what is relevant and not relevant. Acts as a strategic filter.

Three elements of focus

What to focus on.
Where to focus - the environment you try to focus in. Environment must support your ability to focus.
When to focus. Timing is everything. Harness your cycles and pick your high times to focus.

Consistency - create cumulative efforts. Must repeat efforts consistently to create cumulative effect. Actions lead to effects that lead to results. You need to know what is the effect of what you do. Must repeat action in order to result.

Patience - marketing takes time - eight or nine months to make something important happen on the Internet. Most people don’t wait long enough to see the results of their efforts. Don’t quit too soon if you will be successful. Instant success is the result of a long process. Enjoy the process.

Final Notes
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