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Been doing a lot of reading and video watching lately. Got some good stuff, so I'm sharing some of it in today's article.

The Rules They Are A Changing

by Jim Green

If you want to succeed online today, you cannot continue to operate in the “old ways”. You must begin immediately to operate by a new set of rules. I will outline the rules below.

Rule #1

Give away good stuff! You cannot make your first contact with potential buyers as a sales pitch. People are very defensive, and no longer buy from strangers on the ‘net. You must become a trusted friend first, and the fastest way to do that is to give people good stuff for free. One of the things people currently value are short, content-filled videos. You can make these in minutes, and folks will perceive them to be of high value. Give them away on your blog or your other sites, but just give them away.

Give people more than they expect, and do it often. Of course you will not give away everything, you will hold the best back to be sold later, but you must give away lots of good stuff to build your credibility. You want people to open your emails just because they are from you, not because you have created some catchy subject line! Why will this happen? Because they “know” that you will be sending them good stuff for free. Because you are a trusted advisor.

Rule #2

Never lose faith in yourself and your business. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else? Without faith in yourself and your business, how are you going to recruit partners? Or make sales? If you don’t believe in yourself, why would other people see you as worthy? If people don’t see you as worthy, then why would they open their wallets to you? It all begins with you having faith in yourself and your business.

Rule #3

Success comes through hard work. There is no easy way to create a valuable, income producing business. You must provide value. You must recruit customers. You must develop or obtain both front-end and back-end products. You must make sales regularly. You must manage customer expectations. You must deliver products and/or services. You must provide excellent support for your customers. It all takes work.

The secret to success is not a “magic bullet” approach, but rather sustained hard work on your part. Hard work that’s the big secret. If you are willing to put in the hard work in the beginning, then your chances of success climb astronomically. Remember, you are trying to build a real business.

Rule #4

Focus on the long-term. You want a business that produces income for a long time, not a quick flash-in-the-pan short term income. If you focus on the long-term, you will create a business that has staying power, and generates income for you for the foreseeable future. Sure bad things happen - the Google Adwords fiasco being one example, but if you build a solid foundation for your business, you will be able to weather any change in the market and be able to move your efforts to take advantage of new opportunities that will surely arise. Make your decisions based on long-term wealth as opposed to short-term income.

Rule #5

Pick a niche. Pick a very narrow niche that you can become an expert in. This will allow you to dominate the niche. If you try to market to a niche that is too broad, you will find that your efforts are disjointed and do not produce the expected results. If you dance from market to market you will most likely develop patches of income, but no long-term wealth. Make sure that you have done as much as possible to exploit a niche before you start looking around for a new one. You want to maximize the value from the customers you have, as it costs a lot more to acquire new customers than it does to market to existing one.

Every time you change niches, you are forced to acquire a new customer base. Acquiring new customers is the greatest expense in terms of time and money that any business incurs! Why not find ways to market more things to your current customers? If your market cannot support more products then you are probably in the wrong market.

Rule #6

Don’t look for an undiscovered niche. Find an existing niche where people are passionate and desperate for a solution. You need a market that cares about a result. Find a sub-niche that you can dominate.

Rule #7

Accept the results that you achieve. Don’t blame others for your lack of success. Until you accept that you are the cause of your own results, you will never achieve success. What you do determines what results you will obtain. Once you accept that what you do matters, you can make the changes necessary to your success. Look at what you do, and don’t do, and make the changes so that you can succeed. If you would succeed, you must act fast.

Take action now and get on your road to success.

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