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Make Money In Forums

by Jim Green

You can make money in forums. You can make good money from posting in forums. As a matter of fact, done correctly, you can make really good money posting in forums.

Although I belong to other forums, two of the best forums for money posts are The Warrior Forum, and Digital Point Forum. I can't say enough good things about these forums! They have virtually any resource you could ever want or need when it comes to Internet Marketing or any other Internet related field.

There are literally thousands of people in each of these forums at the same time! It's no wonder there are so many money making opportunities in here. Each of them requires that you qualify before you make money posts; that is you must make a number of posts (25 if my memory serves me correctly) before your money post will be accepted.

Once you do this, you will have to wait about an hour before your new found status kicks in and allows you to post in what I've called the "money" part of the forum. (Make sure you read all the forum rules, so you understand what is and is not allowed!) You definitely don't want to get kicked out before you have a chance to make some extra money.

Although many people make money directly from their posts, I suggest that you use these ads to link to your real sales pages. The idea is to make an excellent offer that provides links to your website for examples or additional information.

Try to make the post as interesting as possible to get more visitors to read it. The more readers, the more potential for sales!

Another tactic is to write a pdf report with your affiliate links or website url's for driving people to your web page.

For this strategy, you would go to the "freebies" section of the forum.

Just so that you know, you cannot send people to a "squeeze page". If you do, you will likely be banned from the site.

The trick here is to write a short pdf report about a new strategy you learned or something that will be informative to your reader. Don't make the mistake of using low quality PLR junk and expect to make any money from it. Place a couple of strategic clickable links in your report.

You need to convince the reader that you know what you're talking about or else you will completely lose the "trust factor" which is a big part of making sales on-line. Take your time and write a quality report that interests your readers, so that they will click on your affiliate links or website url's and eventually buy one of the products that you are promoting.

Make sure that the product you are promoting closely matches what you are talking about. Don't have a product of your own to promote? Clickbank is a great source.

You can also send your visitors to your website or a specific web page that has the download for your report. Then on the same page, you can have a link that says, “Click here for other amazing offers.”

This is legit, because you are clearly showing the downloads at the top of the page and if the visitor chooses to click on the other link, that is totally up to them. So you gave your reader the free report that you promised.

Website reviews from other forum members can be a great way to drive traffic and also get a few sales under your belt. This technique requires that you be a member of both The Warrior Forum and DigitalPoint.

If you scroll down near the bottom of the home page on the Digital Point forum, you will see a section that says “Reviews”. This is where forum members critique each others websites.

You are also going to ask fellow Digital Point members to look at your website and see what they think? However….the main reason most members do this is because their site is still unfinished and they are trying to get pointers to improve the site before launch.

The advantage you will have over the others is the fact that your site will already be finished and ready to suck the forum members in to buy your product. How are you going to get your site ready? Go to the Warrior Forum first!

If you want to tweak your site, the Warrior Forum is the best place to do this because you have more experienced marketers there. Ask all your questions and make all adjustments here first and then go back to Digital Point with a very professional and polished looking site.

Remember, you want people to trust you, so your site needs to look like you've been doing this for years. Digital Point has far more traffic than the Warrior Forum and the members at Digital Point are not all marketers, which makes them far more receptive to your sales letter. you've waste your high traffic source tweaking out your site. Let your fellow warriors do that and then go back to Digital Point and make some money.

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