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Busy week. Picked up a new set of hearing aids. They are state of the art! Remote control. Bluetooth to my phone, mp3 player, tv, etc. Got a slight hitch in the git along though. Gonna take them back on Monday for adjustment.

I just keep reading and video watching and finding more good stuff, to share. I'm looking to expand on today’s topic in the near future.

Making It On Twitter

by Jim Green

Many people do not understand just what Twitter is, so I'll give you a quick and dirty definition. Twitter is a website that allows you to communicate with people who choose to follow you. Like texting on your cell phone, Twitter is a form of microblogging, allowing as it does only 140 characters per tweet.

Twitter is not a medium to SPAM people with affiliate offers. As with almost all social sites, to be successful on Twitter you must be active and add value. This is the way to gain followers and build trust. Keep in mind that if people don't trust you, they aren't going to do what you ask, visit the links you post, and make you money.

The best content of course is that which you provide yourself, but that will eat up enormous amounts of your time, so you need to automate your content provision. I use an RSS feed from Google to populate my Twitter account, but there are many other ways to do this. or any other RSS feed are two ways that come to mind.

Using a WordPress (WP) plugin should be a part of your arsenal regardless of how else you feed your Twitter account. With the WP plugin, every time you post to your blog, an extract plus a link to your post is shown on your Twitter account. This will drive people to your blog, where you build your credibility, and hopefully your list.

Post replies or even retweet good comments. Acknowledge good tweets, and of course send a direct message to new followers. You can automate the new follower message. You are working here to build your own loyal community.

Automate as much as you can. But don't let Twitter consume you. Your goal should be to spend no more than 10 to 20 minutes a day on Twitter. Do not post affiliate links until you have built a rapport with your list.

Remember when you start to send affiliate links to use a link cloaking and tracking service. There are three reasons for this. You don't want your followers to substitute their own affiliate links into your posts. You want the URL to eat up as few characters as possible. Remember, you only have 140 characters including the URL. And finally, you want to track how many followers clicked on your link. If few, or no followers click on your links then you either haven't built a good relationship with your followers, or your offers are not congruent with your list.

If you are interested in a thorough course on how to make money from Twitter, may I suggest Twitter Affiliate Elite a 24 video training program. Uh, oh yeah - normally I try to find further free material, but today I wasn't so fortunate, that is an affiliate link. I will get paid if you buy.

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