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Great granddaughter was born last week. Kinda took priority over everything else. Back at 'er this week though.

I just keep reading and video watching and finding more good stuff, to share. Today I can save you about three hours of video watching, so read on.

8 Step Video Creation Process from Andy Jenkins

by Jim Green

Andy calls it a five step process, but I divided it into eight sections. I guess I could have made it seven, but I felt impelled to add number eight.

  1. Create a script. Spend some time here as this is the key to success. You can take a short-cut by stealing from your sales page. Take the major features for your product and add the advantages or benefits for those features. One feature and related advantages and benefits per slide. You now have the body of your video. Easy eh!

    Attention grabbing introduction. You have about 10 seconds to grab your viewers attention, so make them count. Start out with, “In this video I'm going to show you why....”, then tell them what they will get with the product, and why it will help them.

  2. Make it a visual presentation. Powerpoint for the PC, Keynote for the MAC, or any similar program will work fine. Find a free or inexpensive template - just search the web, and you will be amazed at what you will find. Type each feature (no advantages or benefits) onto a separate slide. Andy doesn't mention this, but you should have the URL of your sales page in the first and last slide of your presentation.

    Add graphics to the slides to “fancy them up” a bit. Try to add images that represent the feature in action. Then add images that have emotional value - show the emotion attached to every statement. Think about all of the potential outcomes your product can have on your buyers’ life. Then add images to reinforce these outcomes. (Andy has a little rhyme to help you out here. “What story can you help them tell, once they own the stuff you sell?”)

    Provide your viewers with the information to help them visualize the benefits they will receive from your product. You can find plenty of royalty free stock images on the web. You can even find totally free images for your slides.

  3. Next, add transitions and animations to each slide to reset the attention span of your viewers. Most of the video creation programs have significant numbers of transitions built in. You can use the same transition for every slide, or mix them up a bit. Up to you. Next, animate the various elements on each slide - that is text and graphics. Do not add effects just for the sake of adding them. Make sure that the transitions and animations you choose add to the viewer experience.

  4. Practice doing a voice over of you reading the feature, advantage and benefits the feature provide while clicking through the slides. Do this several times until you are comfortable and can do it smoothly. Try to speak as if you are having a conversation with a friend. Tip: Try positioning your microphone at different points from your nose to your chin to find the “best sounding” recording of your voice.

    Record the audio and slides using Camtasia (30 day free trial), or CamStudio (free) to create your video. You could even add a little music for the intro and exit of your video. If you are really daring, you can add music behind your speach - set it at about 25% of normal volume so that it doesn't drown out your voice.

  5. Before you can post your production on the video sites, you will need to save it in a format they like. According to Andy, you should choose the following settings - Mp4 file type, H.264 Codec, 1280 X 720 Pixels (A.K.A. 720p), video bandwidth 1500Kb/second and audio bandwidth 128Kb/second. The audio and video bandwidth specs are about twice what you would use if you were hosting on your own site, but our distributor (TubeMogul) will re-encode the video to the maximum value for each video site, so it’s better to give more info than less.

  6. Distribute your video using TubeMogul, a free service. Be sure to include the URL of your sales page in the blurb describing your video. I always make it the first thing in the blurb.

    The first time you use TubeMogul you will need to also sign up for free membership on all of the sites it distributes to. Although this will take a few minutes, you will only need to do it this once. From now on you will be able to just upload your video to TubeMogul, and it will look after the rest.

  7. Set up some backlinks to your video. Many videos on page one of Google have less than 10 backlinks. You want to do a little better than that to increase your chances of showing up there.

    Turn your script into a blog post, an article and maybe even a news story. Be sure to include a hyperlink to your video (YouTube first, the others later). Post your redone script to your own website, blog and social media pages, then use Google’s own offerings to increase your links. Use your Google Profile and also create a free Google site, and include your post there. Create new blogs at any of the free blog creation sites and post your material there. Squidoo and Posterus are also good sites to create places to post your revised script. Don't forget to upload your article to the article directories. If you are a member of any forums, and you should be, make helpful posts in reply to questions from others in the forum, and include a link to your video in your signature.

  8. Sit back and watch the traffic flow.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

Andy has pulled his videos! You can still get in-depth videos on this topic HERE. But act quickly as the special price won't last long.

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