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Ever wondered if there was any money to be made flipping domains? Let me tell you there is if you do it properly. Today weíre going to talk a little bit about that.

Domain Flipping Made Easy

by Jim Green

There is good money in flipping domain names, but it does take some work. The first thing you need to do is find a domain to purchase. This is not a hard job. You use the tools Google provides and you find keywords that have good traffic and buy a domain containing the keywords.

Once you have the domain, you can just re-sell it, but the profit margin will be slim. Itís much better to add value to the name before you try to sell it. This is not an onerous task.

You need to buy some place to host your domain. Hostgator and 1and1 are good choices, but any inexpensive hosting package should be fine.

You can put up a webpage, a squeeze page, a blog, etc. along with some content. Maybe even add an autoresponder. None of this should take you more than an hour or two. Next you need to drive some traffic to it and get it listed in Google. This will drive up the value of the domain significantly in most cases.

If you donít have a webpage editor, I would recomment Kompozer, the successor to NVU, a simple to use program for both the beginner and the pro. Kompozer is still free at the time of writing.

Create your simple pages and upload them to your new website. Check to make sure that they are visible to potential visitors, and then the real work begins.

If you have chosen to use a squeeze page, you will need to create some kind of offer to entice your visitors to part with their name and email address. The simplest way to do this is to state a problem and then direct your visitors to sign up for the free report that addresses the problem. Make sure of course that problem and solution are very closely related to your keywords.

Once you have your site ready, get your domain listed in Google within 12 to 72 hours by adding it to social bookmarking sites like and Next create several articles by rewriting the material on your website and post them to the major article directories like Make sure that your footer contains a link to your site.

Build some more backlinks by using the domain in your signature on blog posts. The blogs should of course relate closely to your keywords. If your comments are interesting and informative, you will generate traffic directly. These one-way backlinks are extremely valuable as they are rated highly by the search enginge. You want to make sure that your comment will not be deleted by the blog owner because you have not added any value to his/her site.

Now that you have a valuable domain, have put up a website on it, got it listed in Google, and obtained some valuable back links, you are ready to sell your site. Go for it.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

For a complete step by step video tutorial on domain flipping, including how to find good keyword domains, how to add value to your domains, and where and how to sell them for the highest price, check out

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