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I'm going to take a stab over the next few weeks at a series of articles that are all related. We'll see how well it goes.

Breath New Profits Into Old Products

by Jim Green

Have you ever decided to buy the hard copy version of an eBook? If you have, you've probably experienced this phenomenon: You find yourself consulting that one hard copy book again and again – ignoring the hundreds of .PDFs littering your computer hard drive.

You shelled out hard cash for a good chunk of those .PDF eBooks. Many of them might actually be more relevant to the problem you're trying to solve.

You don't consult any of them. (You can't even find the ones you want.) You find yourself referring to your hard copy book again and again. You know exactly where it is. And it’s so easy just to grab it.

That's what a minority of shrewd top marketers have discovered - and that's why they are now reworking and producing physical products out of their digital material.

We tend to attach more value to physical products. They're tangible. We can see them, open them, use them.

How long will the hunger for hard copy and physical products like DVDs last?

I don't know. But I do know one thing: Now is the time to take advantage of the physical product phenomenon. We're on the leading edge of a trend (for once) – and people are searching and questioning every offer, skeptical about every sales letter. They're less inclined to carelessly drop $47 on a digital file that’s probably full of poorly worked PLR content anyway.

They're more conscious of value, and they want something tangible that makes them feel that they spent their money wisely.

What Type Of Products Can You Create?

Let’s take a look at the ways we can convert existing digital products – or new projects – into physical.


First and foremost, you could create an actual, physical book from your eBook material. This is a wonderful way to get extra mileage out of your most popular eBooks. Offer them again to your subscribers – with updated sections reflecting the current economic and marketing trends. “Sweeten” them by adding spice and dessert. And you'll probably be surprised at how many subscribers who have already bought the .PDF are eager to get their hands on a hard copy!


You could re-record the lessons in your successful eBook, and put them on a set of CD’s as an instruction course. You could have a CD for every aspect of a subject.

If, for example, you were doing a CD course on “Public Speaking For The Terminally Speechless” – one of the CD’s could be vocal exercises, one could be affirmations, one could be soothing music to calm nerves – and one CD could be the actual instruction you're offering. That ups the value, both perceived and real.

Now, instead of a .PDF with a lot of information they have trouble remembering (or plain can't find) when they're preparing for a speaking engagement or interview – they've got a whole arsenal of Secret Weapons – your highly targeted and focussed package.


Sometimes a subject is too complex or finicky to explain in a book or on an MP3. Your customer needs to see what’s going on, so the words make real-time sense.

This is especially true of subjects like WordPress Set Up and Installation, where you want to “walk” your customer through a specific process with multiple choices which would otherwise confuse and bewilder them. (“Click here… now go down two fields and click on the little selection icon to the right of the other icon” doesn't quite have the same clarity!)

Besides, you're adding a dual stream of instruction here – visual plus auditory. A lot of people learn better when they are watching and listening. (I like to call that “learning in `stereo’”).

And with short attention spans and need for visual stimulation inadvertently produced by television and Internet video (ever seen what a teenager does on the computer when they get home from school?) video offers a highly effective physical media – one that you don't have to wait to download every single time.


MP3’s are another great way to put your information in physical form. A lot of people love to learn while they drive or do housework. You'll need an audio recording program that converts into .MPEG 3 format.


And finally, you can offer a high-value package combining two or more of the above: Instruction manual, supporting “How To” video, and handy charts and worksheets.

All from one lonely little eBook that you thought had outlived its profit earning life span.

Retail Products

Last but not least, let’s not forget other types of retail products, like mouse pads, mugs and t-shirts. If you have a popular membership site, you might want to put its logo on these products. If you don't have a popular membership site, you might try inspirational or funny slogans.

If you're a graphic designer, you might want to showcase your best “signature” designs this way.

Although the best laid plans are prone to change, next week I plan to talk about the software and equipment that I use.

Final Notes
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