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Well, I managed to stay on topic for the second week in a row. I get right down to the nitty-gritty this week.

Quick and Dirty Physical Products

by Jim Green

If you're just starting out your Internet marketing journey and are working with a tight budget, this is for you. If you just don't have the cash to go all out and order 600 glossy bound manuals with 64 four-color glossy plates each, you can still produce an impressive product that your subscribers will value and love.


If you are looking at producing a hard-copy book, you can run off your books on your own printer, and put the pages of each one in a sturdy binder. Get the sort of binder that has a clear plastic sleeve on the front, so you can slide your own “cover sheet” into it. These start at around $8.99 for a 2” binder with D-rings at office supply stores like Office Max – but you can cut your cost significantly by shopping around in person at department stores.

Use better quality paper for your book contents – at least 24 lb. Choose paper specifically for your type of machine e.g. laser paper for a laser machine. Use a good colour printer and high quality graphic paper for the “cover” page – a small packet will run you around $13.99 at your local office supply store. That first impression is well worth the investment.

Although you can save some money by using card stock as dividers – but only if you combine them with solid “stick on” tabs - I would recommend that you use printable index dividers, but they can be pricey.

If you have the software and the skill to create your own cover design, great – but if you don't feel up to that, you can search for royalty free clip art sites or your favouriteInternett marketing forums like the Warrior Forum to see if anyone is able to give you a “deal” on creating a cover page.

Shipping Supplies

For shipping large, bulky items such as binders, you can purchase mailing boxes folded flat, and assemble them as needed. They make a wonderful impression on customers accustomed to receiving products stuffed in padded envelopes – and they don't always cost more to mail.

Be sure to check prices out with the post office, and with couriers. Don't forget international mailing options.

Taking Stock

Price everything you're going to need to produce each book yourself, such as:

  • 24 lb. paper for the main content
  • Glossy brochure paper for the front cover
  • Divider (Card stock and stick on tabs if you decide to go that way.)
  • Shipping boxes
  • Binders
  • Postage

After you've done this, be sure to check whether or not your local print shop can give you a better price. It may even be worth a little more to have someone else look after the printing, packing and shipping.

There are also on-line solutions that might save you countless hours of labour…

You could put your book on a CD or DVD you burn yourself, by converting your files to HTML. Use an earlier, free version of a simple auto play interface program like Autorun Pro to convert your data into a single executable file, which will open instantly when the purchaser puts it into a CD or DVD drive. (Easy Autorun Creator is better, has a free trial, if you want your CD to open up with a great-looking menu so your purchaser can choose chapters or segments.)

Before you spend any money though, check out the Kunaki option in the below – you might actually find that works better for you, and is more cost-effective and time saving in the long run.

Kunaki – a digital DVD and CD publishing/duplicating service. They have an ingenious business model. You sign up for an account with them, then download their (surprisingly small) software program onto your computer. This allows you to insert your HTML executable file for your “book on disk” or video, choose a cover image (or add your own custom one). Add your cover text – and see what your finished product is going to look like. In 3D. (You can actually “turn” the on-screen finished product round to see what it looks like from all angles.)

When you're happy with it, upload it. Then Kunaki’s automated manufacturing system lets you design and your product and have it shipped out – as many or as few copies as you like – within a few hours.

And you can create it for a single customer only, or more than one – up to 500. Delivery time is an estimated three days anywhere in North America.

Kunaki combines burning, manufacturing and shipping for an incredibly low price. They manufacture your product CDs and DVDs, and provide them your custom-designed jewel or DVD casing – all done with 24-hr “rush” manufacturing. Cellophane wrapped, full color CD printing all included.

Kunaki also provides you with a UPC bar code per unit – really helpful, as a lot of retail outlets (including Amazon) absolutely require a bar code.

TIP: If you want to sell multi-disk sets and test sales pages you can order a separate piece of simple software to add this amazing functionality – the Kunaki Software. Cost: $27


If you'd like to send out a hard-copy newsletter, do invest in a 20 page capacity Stanley Bostitch 12” long reach stapler – on sale at time of writing at $24.95 through That way, you will be able to put staples neatly and discretely right in the fold line.

These you really can produce and mail yourself, but again, check with a local copy shop to see what if anything you are saving.

Although the best laid plans are prone to change, next week I plan to finish talking about the software and equipment that I use.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

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