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Finite Pay Infinite Access

by Jim Green


Like many of you, I've bought continuity products where I keep getting access to new material as long as I keep paying. I buy a lot of PLR material that way. If you're like me, the regular pays are a nuisance and a nagging inducement to cancel the subscription.

Well a new model has arisen that can solve that problem. It's basically pay once and get access forever. The amount you pay up-front however is usually much larger than on a monthly subscription. A recent offering I am aware of asked for $487 one time, or $99 a month for five months. For this sum, you received all of the current audio/video material and a guarantee of access to all future videos and audios.

I like the idea of spreading the payments out over a short period of time. This allows the payments to be smaller, and you can entice people to continue paying because they lose all access if they don't complete the payment schedule. Keep in mind, that the average subscriber continues to pay for only three to four months, so if you can charge everyone four or five months up-front, you are way ahead of the game.

I recently purchased a tutorial package for $97 which included access to all future materials on he topic by the vendor. I was happy to pay $97 for the present package and gave little thought to the future potential. Last week, I got an email informing me that he had produced another 10 videos in the tutorial series, and to use my purchase info to log in and download them. You can bet that I won't hesitate to make future purchases from this vendor for sure.

What type of material lends itself to this method of payment? Although you can do it with anything, it makes sense to reserve this method for higher priced items that you know you will be updating from time to time. Tutorials are always good because you can and should update the material to keep it current, and it costs you nothing to let previous buyers access the latest version.

I know, I know, you could have asked them to pay a second time. But that's the beauty of this system, you got more people to pay more the first time, and their bonus will serve as an inducement for future buyers. Remember to tell them how much the earlier buyers gained by being able to access future upgrades or updates, and of course, let the new buyers know that they will be able to do the same.

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