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I did a face plant while I was hiking in Northern Minnesota last weekend. Hurt my back enough that sitting and keyboarding for any period of time is impossible, so I'm offering up my notes on an Eben Pagan presentation for this week.

Content Marketing - The New Reality

by Jim Green

You can't make money in the past. - Eben Pagan

What worked yesterday will not work today. You must deal with the current marketing paradigm. Knowledge is the new reality. People value information above hard goods.

Anyone with knowledge on a topic can be a modern guru.

Identify what you know that’s valuable to others, then learn how to organize and market it on-line.

Start with an entry level product if you'd like to build your customer base faster.

Start with a high-end product if you'd like to position the value of your products faster.

You need two key things to be successful:

1. You need a product

2. You need marketing

You should have different people working on your product from the marketing folks.

Two Big Mistakes to Avoid

1. Create the wrong product - a good product and content attracts customers and partners and sells itself.

2. Me Marketing - talk only about yourself. If you want people to buy, talk about the result that your product delivers. Narrow it down to the thing the buyer wants most.

Start in a Niche that Works

People are making money in hundreds, or thousands of niches.

Winners choose a niche inside one of the “Big Three Mega-Niches”. Most of them narrow their niche based on the specific need of a large group of customers.

Find the problems, fears, frustrations or desires of your intended audience. Be Specific.

Content Marketing

The newest marketing format is now called Content Marketing.

Business is realizing that the best way to market is by giving away content. Even big name off-line retailers are finding ways of doing this.

Content is the future of marketing.

Creating Valuable Content

Get good at creating valuable content.

It’s critical that you create content that sells, as well as building trust, credibility and value.

Ask yourself, “What’s the biggest irrational fear or frustration that my customer wants to solve now?” and “What is my customer’s irrational desire now?”

Base all of your content on the answers you get.

Ask your customers about their biggest problems, stories and successes. Use their responses to identify your customers biggest challenges and write your newsletters about these topics. Don't be afraid to keep writing on the same topics - your readers will love you.

Build Relationships with People

When building your list, don't think of it as one list with many people, think of it as many lists of one person each

Content Marketing is about treating the individual readers like insiders, friends and family.

Always take them behind the scenes, give them the best techniques and insights you've found, and “Move the Free Line.”

Should I Invest a Lot to Start?

How Much Should I Invest to Make My Next Product?

Invest very little to start. Do the work yourself. Use your profits to expand.

Product Development and Marketing Cycle

Target your niche.

Narrow and test your niche.

Format content for value.

Create your product.

Serialize your product.

Package your product for the highest price.

Create your 10 second pitch - then use that all over your copy.

Design your landing page - simple is better.

Create your newsletter - involve others in content creation. Ask people what they want.

Sales conversion process - long letters are dying - video is in.

Attract affiliates to product launch.

Create advertising, as opposed to marketing.

Partners can be good too.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

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