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Feeling much better. Spending quite a few hours volunteering for the St. John Ambulance Trailer Draw. Good cause. Today I am talking about sales pages, and who should write them and why.

Super-effective Sales Pages

by Jim Green

Launching your own product or service which you plan to sell on the Internet is never particularly easy. There seems to be a million and one tasks that need to be addressed and overcome as part of the product creation process. After that, you have to bring it to the market and this is not even taking into account the myriad jobs that creep up on you unexpectedly!

For many marketers who are about to launch their very first product or service on the Internet, the job of doing so is fraught with difficulty and not a small amount of stress as well. Unlike the "big boys" who have an army of willing helpers working with them, it's a different story if you are working on your own because it essentially means that everything that needs to be done has to be done by you.

Using Freelancers

Of course, this is not necessarily 100% true, because in exactly the same way as the best-known names in the industry can gain access to freelance workers to whom they can outsource some of their work, so can you.

However, using freelancers is not always going to be ideal, either because you do not want to expose confidential information about your business you wouldn't for example want to tell them too much about your fantastic new product in case the idea gets "leaked" or because the sheer economics of using freelancers counts against it.

A very good example of a situation where the financial cost would probably put most non-millionaire marketers off outsourcing their work can be seen if you consider the possibility of outsourcing the creation of your sales letter for a soon-to-be launched product.

Copy Writing Costs

Sales letter copywriters do not come cheap, with the top people in the industry being able to charge a five figure sum for every sales letter they create.

While this might sound an awful lot of money for just one long copy sales page, it actually represents a tremendous investment for anyone who uses the services of someone who is recognized to be amongst the best in the business. After all, one of the world?s top copywriters, Michel Fortin was allegedly worth this much to John Reese, who used him to create a sales letter that was behind a product that was the first on record to sell more than $1 million worth on launch day!

Put in these terms, it becomes evident that employing the services of a top copywriter is likely to be worth every cent that it costs you.

But working on the assumption that you don't have a five figure sum to spend on the services of a copywriter of this stature (although I have no doubt that you would love to earn $1 million from a product launch!), you have two options available.

Cheap Labour

The first option is to find someone else who will do the job for you for considerably less than thousands of dollars, someone who is looking for a fee measured in terms of hundreds instead.

However, the potential downside to this should be obvious. There is a reason that they are charging far less than anyone else, which could be that they are not particularly good at writing sales copy. This will not always be true but it is only logical that if someone you employ for $200 could command a fee of $20,000, they would be doing so!

As with most things in life, if you employ a sales page copywriter, you get what you pay for, so the less you pay, the less you logically get.

Do It Yourself

The alternative option is to create the sales copy yourself, with the immediate downside of this being the fact that doing things this way involves you in a great deal more work. On the other hand, writing your own sales copy will save you money. Plus, if you follow the guidelines in this book, there is every chance that you will definitely be able to do any better job than someone to whom you would pay a few hundred dollars.

Perhaps more importantly, if you have never created your own sales copy before, you may discover that you have a talent or a skill for doing so with the training and guidance from this manual.

Such a skill is one that is in great demand. Thus, acquiring a new ability that enables you to create killer sales letters could mean that you will soon have an opportunity to sell your services to other on-line marketers.

How much better would it be if you were pocketing $200 or $500 or even $5,000 for every sales letter, rather than giving that money to other people to do an inferior job?

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor

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