November 30, 2005Volume 4 Number 48 Issue 83
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Creating Newsletters That Sell As Well As Inform

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Creating Newsletters That Sell As Well As Inform

Running you own free Newsletter or Ezine can bring huge benefits to your website and profits. In this article, we will discuss how newsletters are one of the most important components for you to drive traffic to your website and build your online business.

The popularity of these newsletters is based on the need for information. The main reason most people are online is because they want and need information. That is exactly what newsletters provide, as newsletter editors are generally well informed about the area in which they write. Newsletters are mostly delivered via email, some like "The Great Ideazine", however are delivered as HTML pages. Newsletters which are delivered as HTML pages still utilize email, as the webmaster will email subscribers notifying them that a new issue is ready.

There are many advantages of starting your own newsletter, however newsletters do require quite a bit of work to get started and maintain so they may not be for everyone. If you lack the discipline to write articles on a regular basis, a Newsletter is likely not for you. Subscribers can be very fickle, and if you do not deliver quality material in a timely fashion, they will auickly become annoyed and hit the delete button when your email arrives and never read it again. If you occasionally have a problem, tell your readers, most will understand, as long as it does not become a habit.


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The two main advantages of having your own Newsletter are:
  1. Being able to maintain regular contact with your subscribers,
  2. Being able to build a relationship with your subscribers such that the majority will turn into buyers.

Newsletters allow you to maintain regular contact with your website visitors. By providing your readers with good information on a regular basis, you build a relationship and a level of trust. This is vital to success, because rarely do people buy on their first visit to a web site. In fact, even when people trust you, they usually have to be exposed to an offer several times before they actually buy. A Newsletter allows you to keep the connection with your site visitors reminding them of how your product is suited for them.

Newsletters give you the "excuse" to send potential customers emails packed with articles and of course your sales message. Newsletters are great for building trust and relationships online, if your newsletter provides regular quality content which your subscribers can really use, they will begin to trust your opinion and also they will begin to feel that they know you. This is important as developing relationships is vital for any business.

The other, often overlooked, advantage of having a newsletter, is the income it can generate, not from selling your products and services but from selling advertising space in it. Once upon a time, everyone could generate good advertising revenue, but the price for advertising continues to drop. Therefore, you will need a medium to large subscriber base before other businesses will be interested in advertising. This may not be that hard to achieve, especially if your Newsletter is regularly full of quality content. You can earn a hundred dollars or so every month just from ads if you play your cards rights.


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Your online customers will eventually become your offline customers if they trust the information you regularly send them. Put simply, a newsletter is your way of helping people. If you help people online, eventually they will buy from you.

However, running your own newsletter involves a considerable amount of work. It is vital that you regularly write a lot of quality content before your next send-out. Besides, ideally a newsletter should be sent out every week or at least every fortnight. This is not always easy. In fact it's never easy. The next thing that adds to your workload when it comes to newsletters is maintaining your email addresses. Many of the email addresses may be wrong. Maintaining a clean list of working email addresses is crucial to your success. You should either automate this process, or schedule time each week to do it by hand.

In conclusion, running your own newsletter can have a very positive impact on your website and online business. If you wish to see the full potential of your newsletter, be prepared for a considerable amount of work. If you dedicate yourself to keeping it up, you will find it well worth the effort.


Jim Green

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