September 20, 2006Volume 5 Number 34 Issue 121     
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The New Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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My pneumonia is not getting any better. Thank goodness I have a doctor's appointment today. Maybe he'll give me another shot of antibiotics to clear it up once and for all. I'm still putzing with Impact Web Audio program *8>) I am convinced that I do not have the voice for putting audio on my sites, so I am working on persuading a friend to give it a go.

Have you suddenly found yourself slipping in the search engine listings? Todays article will help you correct this problem.

The New Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I believe that getting good free listings for your site on Google and other search engines is the key to your success. Current research is showing that paid listings are not being clicked in any great frequency by folks with the wherewithal to make purchases. Free listings are outproducing paid listings by a high percentage. Unfortunately, most of the old Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks that could get your free listing higher up don't work and you need to develop a whole new mind set to Search Engine Optimization. After much research, and trial and error, I recommend that you pay close attention to the following suggestions that you can use to get your site to show up high in the search engine listings.


Make your site specific to your product, newsletter or service. Do away with unnecessary frills, links, comments and graphics. If your site is about vitamins, don't talk about how great your dog is. Don't bother putting up a lot of links to unrelated sites. As a matter of fact, use as few links to external sites as possible. Make your site a veritable gold mine of information relating to your product, newsletter or service. The more focused your site, the better it will rank. You don't need every page on your site to rank well, just the gateway page or pages.


Actually, a single keyword that draws a lot of traffic is usually very hard to get a high rank for in the listings. You will do far better if you pick popular keyword phrases that describe your site. Think Logitec wireless computer mouse, rather than mouse. Think Vaseline Intensive Care hand lotion rather than hand lotion. Think citrus free abrasive hand cleaner or mechanic’s choice citrus hand cleaner or Big Goop hand degreaser rather than hand cleaner. Make your keyword phrase specific to your product or site, but be careful to be accurate. Use keyword generation sites and software to come up with phrases related to your site. You want phrases that will draw the highest number of relevant visitors. Optimize your site around these phrases. Keep in mind, that if the keyword phrase is not very popular, being number one on the list is not going to draw a lot of paying customers.


Garnering ten thousand links from unrelated sites is no longer a valuable tactic. Google and the other search engines are determining whether or not the link is from a related site - related topic that is - and giving significant weight only to related links. One good external link (not from another page on your site) can outweigh hundreds of lesser links. That means that if you have a site that sells cosmetics, getting a truckload of links from tourist outfitters is not going to do you much good. You need links from sites that deal with cosmetics in some manner shape or form. It is actually possible to get a number one ranking for a page that has absolutely no text or on-page SEO, by getting the appropriate external links.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

What a mouthful! What this refers to is the proximity and frequency of search terms. Use terms related to your keyword phrase or that are synonyms or close approximations for your phrase throughout your page. Don't user filler. Use strategic repetition of each keyword phrase in conjunction with related phrases to raise your ranking. You need to generate several related phrases to count. Make sure that the words flow naturally, without resorting to keyword stuffing, and you will rank higher in the listing. You can use tools such as wordtracker to help you find the words and phases people are searching for. Keep in mind, that it is of no value to put a truckload of related phrases on your page if no one is searching for them.

Judicious use of these tactics will surely get you a higher ranking in the search engine listings, and if you choose your keywords and phrases well, a higher number of sales.

Until next time…


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