November 01, 2006Volume 5 Number 40 Issue 127     
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Tools to monitor your website

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Received an article today with full rights, but I decided not to touch it. Instead, I have printed it here exactly as received. The article points you to tools that will help you make your web site more profitable. Many of them have a cost attached. I will try over the next few weeks to find similar tools that are free.

Tools to monitor your website

You canít just put your web site on the net with right keywords and all the right touches and expect your traffic and ranking will remain constant. As the web is an ever-changing landscape, you have to keep track of your own web results like what is happening with the competition and also the best and highest ranked sites. There are many useful tools to help you find out what exactly is happening.

  1. A tool which you can use to test your own website links or other web sites for broken links:
  2. With this tool you can check search engines for the number of back links to your URL i.e. other web pages linking to your site:
  3. It sometimes becomes important to know where the servers of your hosting company are physically located. Because, some search engines like Google have the ability to filter search results based on their physical location called geotargeting. This could be used to determine why your site is showing in only a certain country. This link can also be used to research the country location of a particular competitorís website:
  4. In order to track the location of the visitor or a customer to your web site:
  5. In order to check the Yahoo! web ranking of yours or your competitorís web site use :
  6. WHere is a link to check the web ranking of a website using a Mac or Apple computer:
  7. WYou need a Google AdSense account for using this. This link provides you with charts and reports which will help you analyze traffic, clicks, and results from your AdSense advertising
  8. WIf you have an AdSense account, you can analyze your web site address or another web site address to see what Google ads will be displayed when the customer selects certain web site names or keywords:
  9. WThis link will take you to a cooperative advertising network where you can join to display and share your ads with other web site owners:
  10. WYou can add the Search Functionality on your web site which uses Google. This works only if your site is listed in the Google Index.
  11. WHere are some links to free web site counters which you can use on your website to track your traffic and hits:

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