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Make People Click

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What a crazy week! I've been running like a madman every day, but I still seem to have the same distance to go. Only three weeks until we head off on holiday, and the cruise line sends a note saying that some countries require a passport to have at least six months left before it expires. Ours expire in February, so we were off to the photographers, our priest and two friends to get the back up material for our application. The passport office says that we should have our new passports several days before we leave - we had better, as they have shredded our old ones already *8>)

Decided to talk about a little different item today. I think you'll enjoy it.

Make People Click

The Internet is the information highway, this phrase has been used so may time it should be nominated for the Internet Cliché Award. People go to the Internet for many reasons, but mainly they are searching for information. Whether for gaming, business, fun or anything else the Internet can provide visitors with information that is very beneficial.

Recently, many web site operators have learned that articles are one of the best secrets of Search Engine Optimization. More and more sites have seen the effect articles have had on the traffic to their sites. Some have even created sites devoted entirely to providing articles that can be read by their web site visitors. They have links that lead to many sites that are related to the subjects of the articles.

For example, a site may feature many articles about a wide range of topics. At the end of each article that a web site visitor reads is a resource box with a clickable link to the site that has submitted the article. Normally, the article would be directly related to the site. In an article about rotating tires, the resource box should link to a site that sells tires or car parts.

A resource box is usually found at the end of an article. It will contain the name and a brief description of the author, a brief description of the sponsoring site, and of course a clickable link. If a reader likes what they read, they have the tendency to want to read more from the source of the article. The resource box will be their link to this source and will entice them to go to the site and do more reading or research on the subject.

Like the article itself, the resource box must be eye-catching enough to demand the attention and interest of the reader. While the resource box encompasses only a small space, including the right keywords and content will prod the reader to go to your site.

What are the benefits of having a good resource box? Mainly it’s driving traffic to your site. Many sites allow articles to be posted because the site can make use of the articles to fill their pages and attract more visitors. They may also get reciprocal links from other sites that can be beneficial for them as well. For the sponsoring site, when you get people to click on your resource box, you generate focussed traffic that can be counted upon as potential customers.

What makes good content for your resource box? Keywords! Learn about the keywords related to your site that people are searching for and include them in your resource box. There are many tools on the Internet that can help you to determine what keywords to use.

Resource boxes need all the creativity that you can muster. You only get a small space for your resource box, so you must make the most of it. Try to catch the attention of your readers with resource box content that makes them give it a second look. Unlike TV ads, you don’t have visual aids to drive your point home. But you do have the power of the imagination of the reader. With intriguing content, you can make them think and read further.

Make sure that you use keywords that are closely related to your site. Do not mislead your potential web site visitors into thinking your site is about something it is not. Nothing causes readers to click away faster that finding that they have been duped into visiting a site. Build your credibility so that people get enticed to visit your site and browse what you have to offer. Make the people click your resource box by providing content that makes a lasting impression. You only get one chance to wow them and get that click! Don’t waste it.

Never underestimate the power of the resource box. It may be small in size but it can drive significant amounts of traffic to your site. A boring resource box will never get the job done. Be fun and creative but at the same time show that you have a great deal to offer. Is this too much to ask of a space too small to even fit a paragraph? Definitely not!

Until next time…


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