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Ten Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have A Web Presence

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Merry Christmas! Things are heating up here at Casa Green. My wife is getting ready for the usual Christmas crowd. She loves to have her family over for Christmas, even though it takes a horrendous amount of work on her part. As usual, I'll be impressed into service to give the living area a final touch of tidying, and given a sharp stick and be expected to carve the turkey while all kinds of ravenously hungry folks are checking in on my progress *8>)

Several last minute cancellations have cut our expected numbers significantly. We have frequently had over 30 sit down to Christmas dinner, but this year neither of our kids is coming home with their families, etc, etc and so we will only have a dozen or so. The crowd is going to be so small, it's hardly worth putting the chafing dishes out.

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Well, enough of that, here is the article.

Ten Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have A Web Presence

“But mine is just a small business,” you might answer when asked about creating a web site for your business.

Though such a reply may be true, it is often misleading when all of the facts of web site ownership are known. The truth of the matter is, even if your business is not a Fortune 100 biggie, it could undoubtedly could benefit from the many possibilities that the Web can offer. You would be amazed by how much money ignoring friendly advice and refusing to acquire your own domain name and web site can cost you. Big bucks that you may not even have realized exist.

Just to help you make the right decision, let’s take a look at 10 compelling reasons why you should consider developing a well positioned web presence.

  1. The world – the ENTIRE world – can become your market. Indeed, whatever audience you're catering to right now would pale in comparison to the global market that the Internet can open up for you. Imagine taking orders from people, unbounded by geographic or country borders and restrictive economic systems. The Internet makes laissez faire look like child’s play!
  2. Your products can be exposed to over a billion people. Studies show that there are over a billion Internet users, 50 million of which are on-line at any given time. All of these people are your potential customers, and all of them are potential visitors to your site that can possibly get to know about your products.
  3. Increase your sales. Since you'll be catering to more prospects, the chances of bagging a sale or a deal is multiplied many times. It’s a number’s game, and you'll be turning the odds in your favour.
  4. Market your goods or services on-line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your web site will become your digital store and will operate on auto-pilot. You can log off the Internet, and your web site will still promote your products, process all payments, instantly deliver items, and even take care of some post sales concerns. No need to hire human assistants to be there. No need to pay overtime and premium night shift wages!
  5. Add to the professional reputation of your business. Establishing a web presence, especially with a sleek, easily navigable, and professional-looking web site, would greatly help build your brand and increase both foreign and local consumer confidence.
  6. Whether your product is digital or not, delivery is not a problem. The advent of the Internet has totally revolutionized the way courier services conduct their business. They can now deliver items to the farthest corners of the Earth in record time. You won't have to worry about the location of your customers. Anything, and we do mean ANYTHING, can now be delivered right to their front doorstep with unparalleled speed and accuracy.
  7. Convenient payment processing options. You don't have to settle for just cheques or money orders that take time to clear, though they will certainly remain as viable payment options. There are merchant accounts available now that allow you to process credit card payments instantly, and the funds can be rapidly transferred to your bank account.
  8. Transaction Security is no longer a major concern on the Internet. With SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encoding, you can protect your transaction pages against those visitors will malicious intentions.
  9. A lot of excellent marketing tactics can be utilized on the web for little or no outlay of cash. Strategies like viral marketing, article marketing, forum marketing, membership marketing and the likes often require no or at the worst, a minimal financial investment to get you started. The results they can deliver are nothing short of amazing.
  10. Regular correspondence with your prospects as well as your existing customers is made really simple. Digital delivery of messages is instantaneous. Your clients will receive them the moment that you send them!

Though change can bring about a lot of uncertainties, especially in business, it should not be dismissed outright. Establishing a web presence, regardless of the size of your business, can only offer a world of benefits for you and the profitability of your enterprise.

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