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What Exactly Is Web 2.0

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This week, I've stolen liberally from another author to give you the goods on Web 2.0.

What Exactly Is Web 2.0

The Internet is evolving, and the next generation of web sites, Web 2.0, has arrived with promising potential. For example, YouTube, a video uploading web site, was created in February 2005. Recently, less than two years after it was founded, YouTube was sold to Google for a whopping $1.64 billion.

Though the number of Web 2.0 web sites is growing rapidly, all of these web sites stand with one main focus: interaction with the users.

Web 2.0 really isn't really a certain type of site. It is a term that is being used to describe sites that are interactive with their members or customers. It allows these people to dynamically change these web sites, add content, and interact with other users of the site.

It can be as simple as a page that allows visitors to add comments, or as complex as MySpace that is a community site where users can create their own page and then invite their friends to join.

It can also be interactive sites where people can post pictures, videos, sound bites, and Blogs where information and feedback can be added to the sites.

Types of Web 2.0 sites

Web 2.0 sites can be described by these main categories

  1. Social Networking

  2. Social Bookmarking

  3. Video Sites

  4. Podcasting

  5. Blogs - This topic is covered well elsewhere. I covered it in Newsletter #115. If you need in-depth info on Blogs, a good resource is HERE

Here is a brief overview of each and some examples.

Social Networking

Wikipedia has this definition of Social Networking

“Social networking refers to a category of Internet applications to help connect friends, business partners, or other individuals together using a variety of tools. These applications, known as online social networks are becoming increasingly popular.”

What is Social Networking?

Social networking is defined as the grouping of individuals together into specific groups, often like a small community or a neighbourhood. Although social networking has always been possible in person, especially in schools or in the workplace, it has become extremely popular online.

This is because unlike most high schools, colleges, or workplaces, the Internet is filled with millions, of individuals who are looking to meet other Internet users and develop friendships.

When it comes to social networking online, web sites are used. These web sites are known as social networking web sites. Social networking web sites are, in a way, like an online community of Internet users. Depending on the social networking web site in question, many of these online community members share a common bond, such as hobbies, religion, or politics. Once you are granted access to a social networking web site you can begin to socialize by learning about other members or even contacting them.

Some web sites typically have an open membership. This means that anyone can become a member, no matter what their hobbies, beliefs, or views. Once inside this online community, you can begin to create your own network of friends; thus eliminating others that do not meet your criteria.

If networking on the Internet sounds like something you would be interested in, you are encouraged to learn more about it, especially the dangers of social networking. These dangers often involve online predators or individuals who claim to be someone that they are not. The same as in the real world. By being aware of your surroundings and who you are talking to, you should be able safely enjoying social networking online.

Social Bookmarking

Wikipedia has this definition of “Social Bookmarking”:

“Social bookmarking sites are a popular way to store, classify, share and search links through the practice of folksonomy techniques on the Internet or Intranet.

Other than web page bookmarks, we can find services specialized to a specific subject or format (feeds, books, videos, music, shopping items, map locations, wineries ...). Social bookmarking is also part of Social News Sites like Digg.com.”

Video Sites

Video has exploded online in the last year. After the sale of YouTube to Google, people are really rushing to capitalize on this new trend. There are now hundreds of video site where you can watch videos and even upload your own videos for the world to see. Some videos have received over million of hits. It’s these numbers that are attracting businesses trying to capitalize on video popularity.

The viral nature of videos is what makes these sites so exciting for you and your business. Your video can be passed all over the Internet to thousands of people in just a matter of days or even hours.

Here are the two biggest video sites


Wikipedia has this definition of "Podcasting:"

“A podcast is a media file that is distributed by subscription (paid or unpaid) over the Internet using syndication feeds, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers.[1] Like 'radio', it can mean both the content and the method of syndication. The latter may also be termed podcasting. The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster. The term "podcast" is derived from Apple's portable music player, the iPod.......

Though podcasters' web sites may also offer direct download or streaming of their content, a podcast is distinguished from other digital audio formats by its ability to be downloaded automatically, using software capable of reading feed formats such as RSS or Atom.”

In its simplest definition, podcasting is the publishing of audio programming to be distributed by the Internet and listened to at the listener’s discretion.

Podcasting enables independent producers to make syndicated "radio shows," and gives broadcast radio programs a new distribution method but it also offers much more.

While named for the iPod, any digital audio player or computer with audio-playing software can play podcasts.

Here are just a few podcast directories with lists of available podcasts

Web 2.0 presents enormous opportunities for the entrepreneur. Will you be part of the group that seizes this opportunity and makes it big?

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Until next time…


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