February 14, 2007Volume 6 Number 06 Issue 140     
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The First Five Steps to More Traffic

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Just got back from visiting the kids and grandkids (16, 18, and 20 years old!) in Ottawa. My wife and I were able to share a few meals and spend some time with everyone. Took some pictures for the big book. Met our grandson's girlfriend - she seems very nice - and generally got caught up on what's happening in their world. I promised to put the pictures up as a web slide show, so that's be my job for this evening.

Hope you enjoy this little newsletter.

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The First Five Steps to More Traffic

Once you have a site, you need traffic. Without traffic a web site might as well not even exist, and we shouldnít even talk about the potential for profit. Even if you get a lot of traffic, your web site may well not be doing itís job. What you really need is to attract targeted traffic.

Many beginners to Internet Marketing make the mistake of wanting any kind of traffic. They get themselves into programs that offer tens of thousands of hits for their site; but most of them are blind hits that do not result in any profitable actions by the visitors. After this experience where most marketers donít manage to sell a thing, they give up on the idea of ever doing something worthwhile with their web site.

For those who learn from their experience, they quickly to come to the conclusion that the only type of traffic they want and need is targeted traffic. They need to attract interested visitors, not visitors forced by some traffic generating system to enter their site. There are five important steps to attracting the traffic you want and need.

So, letís go over these five steps:

  1. Affiliate programs.

  2. These are programs which consist of giving up part of your profit to those who help you make sales. If you work hard on this and treat your affiliates fairly, in time you can get a true army of promoters that will advertise for you. This is done not just for Internet sites; it is also done quite frequently by big off-line companies.

  3. Adding content

    Adding high quality content to your site is an investment of your time or money that will quite frequently pay off in increased traffic. Search engines provide the highest position to the most relevant site for a given keyword. If your content is well thought out, containing the terms related to what you are selling, and is easy to read, the search engines will give you a high ranking.
  4. Publishing through Ezines

    A good way to attract a number of loyal visitors is to publish and ezine. You can publish daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly, but you must provide quality content on a regular basis. You should try to occasionally announce, through your ezine, news of what is happening in your niche. You should try to be the first to publish information about new products, yours and others. By publishing quality information in these emails you will get a boost to your credibility and build a serious amount of loyal visitors.
  5. Pay per Click (PPC) Search Engines

    When using such engines, you can pay to increase your rank for various keywords used in searches. By choosing keywords that speak directly to your site, and ads that make it clear exactly what your site is about, you will be paying only for the visitors you are interested in. Do not use PPC to attract visitors by deception. Inferring that your site is about something that the visitor wants, but is not on your site, is a good way to waste your money. If you had a site about motorcycles, paying to attracting people who were interested in kayaks, would not likely make you a profit unless you were going to send them to an affiliate who sold kayaks. The real solution, is to make sure that your site is attractive, and that people know what your site is about before they click on any PPC link.
  6. Creating content materials

    While you search for material to add to your site, others are searching for sites that publish content. Creating article s or newsletters will allow you to add material to your site immediately, but you can also place it on sites that will give it to others to use, as long as they link to your site.

If you follow these five suggestions, I am sure that you will increase the amount and quality of traffic to your web site.

Until next timeÖ


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