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Create a Free Report in one Hour!

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Got stuck in Duluth for an extra day because of the worst snowstorm of the season. When we left Duluth, there was a concern that the continuing snow would prevent us from making our way home, and it was tough sledding for a while. For the first half hour we were on a divided expressway, but changing lanes to pass was treacherous. For the next hour we had snow and gusts of wind that threw the van about. It took us an extra hour on a trip that normally takes three and a half hours, but we arrived safely.

Everyone needs to be brought back to the fundamentals occasionally. Hope you enjoy this issue.

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Create a Free Report in one Hour!

You see ads all over the Internet for Free Reports. Why would profit oriented entrepreneurs waste their time giving away saleable reports? They certainly don't make any money giving away these reports, or do they? Well, not directly, but certainly indirectly by exchanging the report for the name and email address of the would be reader, or entice readers to connect to one of the links within the report. If the Free Report was crafted correctly, the addresses collected and the visits derived from the report are mainly from individuals who are the target market of the entrepreneur.

These are the most valuable folks an web entrepreneur can have contact with, short of actual, previous buyers of the entrepreneur’s products. A Free Report done correctly can become viral and help build the writer’s list and web visits for months, and perhaps even years.

Unfortunately, because they work so well, almost every entrepreneur on the Internet is doing the same thing. The trick is to expose as many people as possible to your Free Report and give them a pervasive reason to download it. Good information is certainly the best way to get individuals to download your offering. Fear is another one of the pervasive motivators. Look at the titles of some of the recent reports and you will see fear in action.

Free Reports are great sales tools and list builders, but if you must spend days to generate one, there may be better ways to spend your time. What you need is a plan that allows you to write a report an hour or two, preferably, in under an hour.

You need to prepare a report that will make people feel better, look better, become better at what they do, provide the solution to one or more of their problems. You will of course choose a topic that is closely related to the product or web site that you are promoting. If you already have client or email list, you can survey the list members for topics of interest to them.

Since you are on the Internet, you need to decide the topic of your report, which objective it will aspire to, and then use the Internet to gather information for your report. Search engines are your most valuable sources of information. Use keyword searches to get more information than you can possibly use in the report, and then consolidate and winnow it down to most important morsels.

I like to organize the information into three or four logical groupings - not necessarily the final groupings, but one that makes sense to start with. This serves as an outline that I can build upon for each section. In an hour or so, I can turn each section into a logical presentation, and knit the sections together into a five or six page report.

If this is outside of your skill set, then your other option is to download one from a Private Label Rights (PLR) site. The Internet is rife with these sites on almost any topic you can think of. Most are inexpensive monthly membership sites. They give you a number of new reports every month.

Although you have the right to use the reports exactly as downloaded, you would be wise to do a light re-write so that they have your tone and personality. A good way to do this is to combine several report into one longer one. While integrating the material into one report you can add and delete material that makes the report specific to your site and needs.

You can do the same thing with material from free content sites, but you will need to do a great deal more careful re-writing. Although you can use the ideas in these materials, you cannot use the articles unless you give full credit to the authors. Not giving credit is plagiarism and is subject to criminal penalties.

Of course, if you have no writing skills at all, you can hire someone to do the writing for you. There are a number of sites that have free-lance writers available and keen to write for you. Probably the best know is, but there are many others.

If your report has been crafted well, has an enticing title, and is advertised appropriately, people will be keen to download it. If your objective is to get the name and email address of the downloaders, then you must set up a squeeze page that forces people to give up this information before they can download the report. If however, you do not want to collect any information but just want to get your report in as many hands as possible, then you will not need anything but a page that makes downloading the report quick and simple. This may be because the report contains links or ads, they ought not to be too intrusive, for which you are or will be paid. My favourite ad appears at the very beginning of the report and just says that this Free Report is brought to you by The IdeaMerchant. Of course this is a clickable link *8>)

Now that you have your report, advertise the heck out of it. Put links to the Free Report on any sites that you own or control, Suck up to other site owners and try to get them to put links to your report.

Now is the time when you can site back and wait for the cash to roll in. However, if you are any kind of entrepreneur, you'll be looking for new ways to promote this report, or start writing another one. Quantity doesn't outweigh quality, but quantities of good quality material promoted correctly outweigh a single extremely high quality report.

Until next time…


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