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The Principal Law Of Online Moneymaking Ventures

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Bought a number of ebooks, scripts, etc that I have been very pleased with, and one that I haven't. I learned two things. One, some people sound sincere, and promise fair treatment of buyers, but once they have your money, you're dirt. Two, PayPal will provide no assistance on recovering your money if you bought a digital product.

I've backed up even further this time. Probably many of you haven't given this material a thought in a long time.

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The Principal Law Of Online Moneymaking Ventures

There are only two ways to earn money in the real world. Either you work for a boss, or you can be your own boss.

Working for a boss entails employment of some nature, in an environment that has some need for the services you can provide. Being your own boss entails having your own business and facilitating the production and/or distribution of some goods or services.

Either way, you’ll have to earn your keep. How well you do that will determine your standard of living. It’s the basic law of the universe. You have to give something to get something, in this case cash.

When it comes to making money online, the principle is the same. You get in return for what you give.

And you have the same two choices, be the boss, or work for a boss. A huge variety of opportunities, both good and bad, are there on the Web. The choice, of what you do and how you do it, is yours.

The first question in your mind, most probably is, “Could I really earn a living online?”

The answer to that question is an emphatic “yes!” And again, your effort and ability will determine whether you will be rewarded with measly earnings that won’t even be enough to purchase a bus ticket to the zoo, or wealth beyond imagination. The web is filled with stories of both failure and success!

If you would succeed, then you need to access REAL opportunities that will help you earn real money on the Web. Today, I hope to make you realize that the on-line world is just as profitable, if not more so, than off-line ventures.

Based on my own experience, it is far more profitable to have your own business on the Internet than to work for someone else. Case in point: I just counted up 19 people whom I know live comfortable lives by working for someone else via the communication channels that the Internet has made possible, but I was also able to count almost 100 people who have made it big on-line without having to work nearly as much or as hard as those who have decided to work for a boss. By “big,” I mean THE big time big! I’m talking about a yearly gross in the high six digits, and many over the magical seven digit barrier! And I’m just talking about the people I “personally” know, people I have corresponded with and perhaps aided or advised at some point. How many more such folks exist outside of my circle?

But first, let’s hit the basics.

Tell me, what’s the common thing that can be observed in every successful business?

The answer, of course, is that they sell something. What you will be able to sell will be your bread and butter. It will be the source of your profits. You can’t earn if you can’t offer anything for some specific market.

You may offer either goods or services which the market needs or wants. Your success will be directly related to how well your goods or services meet the driving principle of the commercial world: the law of supply in demand. For our purposes, this principle can be stated quite simply as, “The lower the supply, the higher the demand.”

This is the first lesson I want you to understand: you can’t make money from the real world without delivering something, be it goods or services. And you can’t make money from the Internet without delivering something as well. It’s the basic business model at work.

Using what we have discussed so far as a basis, we could formulate an outline for your on-line business plan. This plan would allow you to cover the basic concepts and then advance to the more complicated ones. Here is a list of the things you have to learn, eventually:

  1. How to find a profitable market.

  2. The different types of products you could sell.

  3. How to create your own information product.

  4. How to create unconventional products that can be digitally delivered.

  5. How to come up with products without having to go through the process of creation.

  6. How to build your own digital store.

  7. The basics of search engine optimization.

  8. The basics of article marketing.

  9. The basics of forum marketing.

  10. How to make a blog work for your business.

  11. How to price your product.

  12. How to employ novel packaging techniques to make your product highly saleable.

  13. Cross-selling and backend-selling items for sustainable profit.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that you can earn an amount that might rival and even surpass what you earn from your day job. The Internet, after all, has always been a secret breeding ground for millionaires.

Master the basics I have listed above and you will quickly come to realize the extreme profitability an on-line business opportunity can truly offer you.

If there are any particular items whether in the list or not that you would like me to write on, please drop me a line at:


Until next time…


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