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Just Starting Out - Get a system

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Bought several scripts that I thought would help out managing my sites. One is great, and runs right out of the box. One should be useful if I can figure out how to use it. The third one is a disaster. It requires a special compiler to be installed on the server - my hosting company is not too keen on that for some reason *8>)

By popular request, I've backed up right to the beginning this time. Probably many of you haven't given this material a lot of thought in a long time.

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Just Starting Out - Get a System

Unfortunately, we all start out here, as the totally one hundred percent newbie to on-line marketing. Promotion techniques, sales systems, copywriting and the like are a mystery to us. We have a list of zero friends in the field, we don't know anyone at all, we have no chance of getting any mentoring. Not to worry though, because things soon start to look up.

Once you've bought your first few useful training guides; you've been pointed in the right direction; you've been told that it's best to get out there and start creating your own products. So you head on out, and create your very first product, site, sales system, sales letter, follow-up, list maintenance system and affiliate program for starters.

By now you've probably met a few other people in your field of expertise, whether it's through the sites that you've bought things from, through Ezines, or other product owners. This will most likely form the basis of your joint ventures for future projects. It's unlikely that you'll have a massive amount of joint venture prospects prior to creating your first product.

Now comes the fun part. Out comes the cash from in the pocket, a few pay per click keyword searches later, the visitors start to roll in. This is where you have to see the relevance of each of your resources and how they relate to one and other.

Your List

These are the people that come to your site and sign up for your product, or a free Ezine, newsletter etc and end up subscribing to one of your services. These are the people that you can promote to at no cost to yourself. The people that talk about your last published issue and your products to friends, and more importantly, sign up as affiliates and promote your products for you.

Who are your affiliates?

Your affiliates are super important people. They'll head out and try to make money by promoting your products for commissions. Not only will they be putting money in your pocket, but they'll be building your list at the same time. Most importantly though, they'll be sending you first time customers through their contacts and promotion.

Who are your customers?

They pay your bills through the purchase of your product right? True, but look to the future, what are your customers, really. They're the people who are going to buy from you not once, not twice, not three times, but over and over if your stuff is of a high caliber. They're not just random people passing by anymore, they've bought from you, they're important. They turn into long term customers.

Who are your long term customers?

Like we said already, they buy your stuff a lot and keep putting money in your pocket. This is true, but look to the future. You're likely to meet some of them, talk with some of them via email or over the phone, and it's quite likely that some will eventually become quite friendly, and swap deals and form joint ventures with you.

Your joint venture prospects.

Your joint venture prospects - now we're getting to the meaty stuff. Not only will your joint venture prospects gain you new long term customers, new first time customers, new affiliates and additions to your list, but often, they'll introduce further joint venture prospects to you, adding to all your resources at the same time. And this is key.

Build One, Build Them All

For all of the most important promotion based resources you can possibly create, the story is the same; build one, you build them all. I can't get over the closed mindedness of many people who state they have affiliates, they have a list, they have joint venture prospects, but they should never mix. What many don't see is this: Take any single resource from that list, build it, and you have the opportunity to build the other four at the same time. Don't set rules for your resources, don't segregate them, because they are all related, and this is where the growth comes from that we were talking about earlier. Use everything to build everything.

Your joint venture prospects don't just have to be for building your first time buyers list, you can use them to build your affiliates, your long term customers, your list and your joint ventures even further. Your list doesn't just have to be to make sales, you can use it to create joint ventures, increase your first time and long term customer base, and at the same time build your affiliate numbers, and so on.

This is key. Make sure to connect every single resource to the others, and they will all grow, and before you know it, you will have a flood of resources to pick from whenever you want to promote a new product, whether it's someone else’s product, or yours. If you fail to recognize this, and one section becomes disconnected from the others, it's very hard to connect them again. You'll also find that if they become disconnected, the whole system will break down, and one will no longer build the other four. This is disastrous and will lose you money, big time.

You've probably already noticed that there is no super system, no overnight millionaire making business when you're starting from scratch. Let me assure you, that this is normally the case. I want to use the above example to demonstrate something equally as important as the connections we've just described.

Now in my time as an on-line marketer, I've seen people come and go, I've seen people get rich, some get into debt, and some lose out over and over again to the point of total frustration. Back when I first started I didn't know why, but now, it becomes clear. You see all those resources we talked about a moment ago - the way they're connected; how one builds the other. Well what happens if you take away all those resource bar one. What happens then? It's no longer possible for one to build the other, and all the work will come down to nothing for both the hours you have to put in struggling away, and your cash that you have invested.

Get a system. Connect the resources, and your chance of success is magnified mightily.

Had a few suggestions on topic readers want me to write on - that's where today's article came from. If there are any particular items that you would like me to write on, please drop me a line at:


Until next time…


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