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Is this Marketing Technique Losing You Money?

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Bought several new Ebooks and pieces of software this week again. Am I a sucker or what! More and more sites are using The $7 dollar script. The general idea is that you allow other marketers to take the profit on your initial product in return for getting the buyer as a subscriber to your newsletter. You can also include a One Time Offer (OTO) to make a profit for yourself. I have been very disappointed by a number of scripts that require special scripts or subroutines to exist on my server. I believe that these folks are creating scripts that will only run on servers for which they get a commission. Not a happy feeling. *8>(

Have you checked out the freebies over at

Is this Marketing Technique Losing You Money?

Technology has had significant impact even in the field of marketing. Electronic mail, better known as Email has turned out to be an indispensable medium of marketing on the Internet.

Internet marketing using Email has grown exponentially because it allows your message to be spread over the whole world in the blink of an eye. This makes your Email address accessible to almost every Internet marketer in the country, and the world. Using Emails correctly can make your Internet business seem very techno-savvy and reliable. Unfortunately, unscrupulous marketers are also using technology to generate an almost overwhelming level of SPAM.

Everyone from individual marketers to huge corporations has realized the advantages of Email marketing. There are both advantages and disadvantages to Email Marketing.

Some of the benefits of Email Marketing are:

  1. Speed of delivery:

    This is one of the main reasons that Email marketing is considered better than most other media for marketing. Email Marketing is fast. Using my desktop computer, I can send over 10,000 Emails hour! Just imaging how fast a dedicated Email server can be. Unlike most other marketing media, Email doesn't have a long lag time between you sending and the recipient receiving the marketing piece. Regular mail can take from one to ten days to reach the recipient. Newspaper and magazine ads can take days to weeks to in some cases months to appear.

    Email also has the advantage of high speed of information transfer. If you use just text in your Email the recipient will be able to download your Email in under a second.

  2. Speed of generation:

    Graphic ads for newspapers and magazines can take days, or even weeks for a professional to generate, while a text Email can be done in minutes. A quality Email with pulling-power can be written, re-written, buffed, shined and ready for sending in under an hour by almost any marketer. Even if you farm the job out, your Email can be ready in under a day.

  3. Reach:

    Email marketing knows no boundaries. As long as you have the recipientís Email address, you can send your marketing piece anywhere in the world.

    Note: I am not suggesting that you SPAM anyone! If you don't have explicit permission from the intended recipient, don't send them an Email.

    Another factor that makes Email marketing more desirable is the fact that it has a better worldwide reach than any other marketing media. I know of no newspaper or magazine that is available in every community in the world. Even with satellite distribution, to my knowledge, no TV station is available world-wide. Email marketing on the other hand knows no boundaries. Because of this higher reach of Email it is a very popular and well accepted marketing media.

  4. Inexpensive:

    Email marketing is much less expensive than any other marketing media except word of mouth. Neither the marketer nor the intended recipient needs to incur any special or extra cost to participate in the process. A newspaper or magazine ad can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to create, and many more dollars for publishing. A simple marketing letter can cost hundreds of dollars to create and then more than a dollar for each letter printed and posted. You can create and send an Email for no cost what-so-ever. Unfortunately, because Email is so cheap, it is abused regularly by both unscrupulous and inexperienced marketers.

  5. Effective:

    Email marketing is very cost effective when compared to other marketing media. Because don't can go from concept, to creation, to delivery, to receipt in a few hours, the content can be very, very current. By relating the item being marketed to current events, the marketer can make a powerful case for a purchase. By their very nature, Emails are very immediate and as such promote instant responses.

    Emails can be an extremely effective form of advertising. They can convey the needed information for the buyer to make a decision, provide links to additional information, testimonials and points-of-sale.

  6. Personalized:

    Email marketing programs are available very cheaply that will allow the marketer to customize the message. Simple programs such as most autoresponders will allow the inclusion of the recipientís name, address, phone number, IP address, previous purchases and any other information the marketer has available. This allows the sender to determine who will receive what message, and how the message will be customized for that recipient. By keeping track of previous purchasers, marketers can send specific Email to previous buyers of similar or related products. They can use this history to determine what the marketer believes specific recipients might be interested in now, and tailor an Email deliver that message.
  7. If you aren't using Email to the fullest, then you are losing money!

    The suggestions on topic readers want me to write on keep dribbling in - that's again where the idea for today's article came from. If there are any particular subjects that you would like me to write on, please drop me a line at:


    Until next timeÖ


    P.S. As I mentioned earlier, the $7 sites are very popular. If you would like to run your own $7 sales, check this out for the instructions on how to do it, and the software to do it with. The software has been updated several times (new features requested by owners of the software) since it was released, and the author has provided all of the upgrades free for all owners of his product! You can't ask for more than that.

    Here's The LINK to find out more about $7 sales...

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