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How to Succeed in Any Business

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Been cleaning house on my web sites this week. I've decided to convert several more sites to use the $7 dollar script. I am willing to give up a bit of profit to grow my list a little more quickly, and of course get a chance at some back-end profits. The general idea is that I will allow other marketers to take the profit on my initial product in return for getting the buyer as a subscriber to my newsletter. I will also include a One Time Offer (OTO) to make a profit for myself. I do not allow other marketers to get paid for promoting my products unless they have purchased it for themselves. However, for you dear reader I have a deal. Send me an email with your PayPal email address in the body - no I won't try to crack your password and steal your money - and I will set up my site to allow you to make money without purchasing, and will give you access to a special URL that will generate a cloaked ID for your PayPal address.

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How to Succeed in Any Business

To succeed in any business, whether on-line or off, you need each of the following:

  1. A product or service to sell

  2. A sales venue and /or delivery system

  3. A method of taking payments

  4. Advertising according to a Marketing Plan

In my new Ebook set to be released in June of this year, I cover each of these topics in detail. Today, I am going to steal a few lines from my Ebook and talk about a product or service.

A doctor, a lawyer, a waitperson, a consultant, a taxi driver and a plumber each sell a service that is basically delivered by one person, to another person; and that certainly can be an excellent source of revenue but income is restricted by the number of hours available for the service provider to deliver the service. There are certainly ways to multiply your efforts - a doctor to run a string of clinics, a lawyer can build a firm with many lawyers, a waitperson can start their own restaurant, a taxi driver can own a fleet of cabs, and a plumber can employ other plumbers - but the restriction on income will still be the number of hours available to deliver the service and the funds available to hire others to deliver the actual service.

A department store, a pharmacy, a supermarket and a fast-food joint all sell a tangible product that must be “carried off” by the purchaser or some other physical delivery system. This tangible product sales are limited by the amount of inventory available and the efficiency of the delivery system. Although increasing inventory and employing multiple delivery agents can improve income, the amount of inventory available, or the cash to purchase inventory, can hinder or even put an absolute cap on income growth.

An Internet entrepreneur dealing in Ebooks, audio-video packages, and software is most often selling an intangible product that can be downloaded from the web. Digital packages have none of the above limitations. You are not delivering the product yourself, so there are no time restrictions holding you back from delivering your product. There is no inventory to manage or buy, so there is no limit on the number of products you can sell. An inefficient delivery system can however restrict your ability to deliver your product, but this can usually be easily remedied.

Today, I am going to limit my discussion to digital products, because I believe that this is where the money is for most Internet entrepreneurs. If you are going to sell digital products, the first thing obviously is to find a source of products. Frequently the best source of products is yourself. If you can create your own quality products, you will be in the best position to profit from them. (check previous issues of The Great Ideazine for tips on how to go about creating your own product)

However, many entrepreneurs cannot or will not create their own packages, preferring instead to outsource that role. You can obtain already created Private Label Rights (PLR) packages, modify Public Domain (PD) material, or hire someone to create a product from scratch exclusively for you. Many of the big names in Internet Marketing (IM) favour the later because they can hire someone to create a script, ebook, tutorial, etc. for very little compared to the profit potential.

If you wish to profit from PLR rights, take a look at 15 Day Resell Rights Success for a complete plan. If you don’t have any resale rights, you can find them on the web, especially at The IdeaMerchant, but be prepared to do some work on them. Currently, (April 30, 2007) there is a giveaway at Lightning Giveaway where you may be able to find a couple of good PLR packages that you can re-jig for your own use.

You can also join PLR sites where a limited number of members are given a number of PLR packages each month. Be aware, that you will still need to edit and gently rewrite these products if you are to be successful. If you do nothing with them, Google and the other search engines will give your site a lower priority and you will have fewer opportunities for sales. I suggest that at a minimum, you create keywords for you product, then do a gentle rewrite to enhance the presence of the keywords in the product.

This is only a small sample of what it in my new Ebook on digital products. Watch for the full Ebook coming this June!

What did you think of this excerpt from my upcoming Ebook? Please drop me a line at:


Until next time…


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