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Internet Marketing and the Future

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Internet Marketing and the Future

I just read a report by John Reese where he talks about the Internet and the next incarnation of Internet Marketing. The gist of what he says is that Internet Marketing as we know it is evolving - we all knew that right *8>)

He goes on to explain his vision of where it is evolving to and describes his perception of the next phase in the evolution. I think he is bang on.


If you are wondering who John Reese is that we should listen to him, here is a brief bio.

John has been an Internet Marketer for 17 years. He spends 100+ hours a week building and tweaking his 1,200+ web sites. He has run tens of thousands of marketing tests. He has had billions of site visitors, and made millions in profits.

According to Reese, “If you don't already realize it… starting a business today has never been easier, cheaper, or faster in the history of the world.

  • Low barrier to entry; it doesn't require much start-up capital.

  • It can be run from anywhere.

  • No major technical skills or education required and it gets easier everyday with more push button software programs being created.

  • It’s not dependent upon having good credit.

  • There is no qualification. No certifications, no tests, nothing.

  • Anyone anywhere in the world can start a business on-line within 30 minutes.

Starting your own Internet business is essentially cheaper than setting up your own lemonade stand. And your Internet business has the potential to generate millions.”


He has done a great deal of testing, and has come to believe that content is the driving force for web sites in the future. To be successful, every page is going to need to offer valuable, useful information that the reader can use without paying a penny.

John believes that quality content is going to be more and more valuable because Google and the other search engines will continue to increase their ability to block junk content sites that hold no real value for visitors. He is especially critical of those Adsense sites created by throwing junk up on a page along with a bunch of Adsense ads.

He states at one point that we have five years to get our act together, because beyond that point, the rate of failure will be astronomical and chaos will be the result. Only those marketers who get their act together early will survive. Right now, it is still possible to find a niche market that is not being well served by big business, but that will not continue to be true. Although big companies will be unable to serve these small markets, Internet companies will grow large doing exactly that.

Failure Rate

Reese states that the failure rate for small business is about five percent currently, but he expects over the next few years to see it climb higher than 99%!

He believes that you will be still be able to sell information, it will just need to be of a much higher quality. His research suggests that mega-sites are back in, (Did they ever leave?) and mini-sites are going the way of the dodo bird.

A very important observation he makes, is that squeeze pages are dying. Visitors are not interested in being forced to give their name and email address to get to another page that tries to cram a one time offer down their throats. To be successful, squeeze pages are going to need to give away good information, and then offer even more good information free in return for the name and email address of the visitor.

I have done something like this for some time now. On my newsletter squeeze pages, I offer good information for free in return for the name and email address of the reader. After reading Reese’s paper, I have come to believe that I should offer more high quality information for free before I ask for the name and email address! I'm going to give it a try and compare the take-up rates.

New Page Presentation

His research also shows that dividing a sales page into two presentations, a brief two to three screen summary of the benefits of the product in text format, and an in-depth, full-scale presentation of the product in an audio-visual format, produces the best conversion ratio.

Reese uses Camtasia to create a Powerpoint type presentation, with static slides. He uses action video sparingly, if at all, and is not seen on camera himself. He places the video immediately after the headline, and allows visitors to choose whether to view the video or not. He finds that some visitors watch the video immediately, but the majority skim the page and then view the video. The main point of course is that almost all of the visitors view the video!

Of interest to Internet Marketers especially, Reese has tested and confirmed that video used correctly can increase the conversion rate of a sales page by as much as 300%. Although he did not receive an increase in conversions on every site he tried this technique on, no site had a decrease in sales. He attributes the lack of increase on some sites to a need for tweaking the site to match the information sought by the potential buyers.

Internet Marketers Increase Exponentially

Reese goes on to tell that the number of Internet users is going to increase dramatically, but the competition for their money is going to increase exponentially. Entrepreneurs in high wage, high cost countries are going to find it increasingly difficult to complete with those from low wage, low cost of living countries.

Instant Internet millionaires are going to become fewer and farther between, but they will still be there! Reese suggests that if you are to succeed, you need to start right now and offer great value for free to build up your visitor trust, then to provide even greater value for a price. Are you doing what it takes to become one of the winners?

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