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Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter

I love the way the $7 Script is gaining features. Being able to give a select number of buyers a deal on the price is an excellent concept. I've improved the Early Bird features. Now when you run the configuration file, it gathers your name and email, the name of your offer and your one time offer, and uses this information to populate all of the html pages for your site. Since I have included the new features, I have reset the Early Bird special, so check it out at HERE before the regular price returns.

Still no happiness with Google. I keep making the ads, and as soon as they make me any money, Google prices them out of reach! It's enough to make a guy want to go out and get a day job *8>)

If you haven't picked up your copy of the $7 Scripts, I suggest that you rush over to $7 Deal and get it quickly, especially with the new features I have added.

Today, my newsletter article is an excerpt from "How to Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter".

Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter


Your main text colour should be black on a white background. You can have other colours and background images on your website, but the background behind the black text should always be white.

This is the easiest format to read. If you would study professionally written sales letters, you will find that their layout is mostly white with mostly black text on them.


Use fonts that are easy to read and relaxing for the eyes. Don't use fonts that are too small, and don't use regular fonts that are too big, either.

Some of the easiest read fonts are:

  • Arial (easiest read font on computers)

  • Verdana

  • Georgia

  • Tahoma

  • Courier New

Words that are "hot buttons" should be decorated to grab your prospect's attention by using font characters such as bold, italic, underline, different colour, different size, or highlight.

Warning! Do not use uncommon fonts. This is because not all PCs can recognize oddball fonts that you are using for your sales letter, making your prospects see something else that appears on their computer screen thus damaging the impression and the looks of your sales letter.

Width of Letter

Do not stretch your sales letter from one edge of the screen to the other! That is a common novice mistake most budding sales copy writers commit.

Avoid that, and space your copy width to have your sales letter cover 70-80% of the monitor's width.

Colour Scheme

Do not use too many colours for your sales letter. In other words, use not more than 4 to 5 colours in your sales letter. Furthermore, the colour scheme must blend well with black text and white background.

Long Letter vs. Short Letter

Now, we have come to the age-old question in writing your sales letter: is writing a long sales letter better than writing a short one or vice-versa? You do not have to guess. The answer is: The long sales letter.


The more you write in your sales copy, the better. There is always a debate on whether a long sales letter works better than a short one. But the truth is that there should be no debate whatsoever on this topic as the long letter will definitely outsell the short one anytime.

Yes, some people will say they do not like to read a long sales letter. When that happens, you know that they are NOT going to be your customer. Also, I should think that they would not have any patience with your product or service, either. Is this the type of customer you want?

So, write a long and exciting sales letter. Produce an exciting sales letter that keeps your prospect reading from start to finish. And if they like it, they will definitely look forward to another product from yours truly. This same secret will make back-selling easy. Make him see a good future he can get with the help of your product.

Think using this logic and you will be on the right track. It did very well for successful movie directors and copywriters, so why should you be an exception?

Besides, you are writing a sales letter, not a brochure. A brochure only informs your prospect about the features of your product. It does not sell. Your sales letter does.

Number of Pages

There should only be ONE page. No Page 2, or [continue] whatsoever. The reason is simple: you want to get your prospect to read from top to bottom, and make his decision there and then on the same page. No Page 2 to distract him! Check out the rationale of this below:

Any Other Links?

Besides the link to the Pay button, there should be no other links on your sales letter. This is an important key to success for your sales letter. That means no links to About Me, F.A.Q., Site map, or even Page 2. You should not put any advertisements (banner ads, Google Adsense and the likes) on your sales letter, either. You do not want to distract your prospects. You want them to stay focused – and continue reading your sales letter from head to toe.

In other words, you have to explain who you are, what you do, and how you can help your prospects to solve their problems.

These links can be exceptions, however:

  • Disclaimer and Privacy pages. If your prospects need to see these pages, try either putting them on the same page as the sales letter or open them in a new window. That way, your prospects will not get distracted from reading your sales letter.

    You can get a disclaimer page for free here.

  • Your contact email address. Should your prospects have any questions, this information is essential to put into your sales letter. However, you are advised NOT to hyperlink it as it can be a SPAM magnet as there countless automatic spam-blasters creeping in cyber space! Instead, just write your email address as it is. Preferably, write your email address in this format:
    instead of

  • A link to signing up for your affiliate program. A big number of the prospects who visit your sales letter will not likely buy your product. However, you can convert some of the non-buyers into being your affiliates.

  • Membership login. This option should appear only to your members if you are running a membership site. Generally, only members would go to this page and your prospects would not get distracted by this link as there is nothing more to this page than a login form.

With no other links in your sales letter, it boils down ultimately to whether your prospects buy from you or not.

And again, I like the $7 script so much that I've put the whole report on a $7 Early Bird site - The first 100 get the full How to Write Your Own Killer Sales Letter tutorial for only $3.49

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