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     October 10, 2007Volume 6 Number 36 Issue 170     

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The Editor

From the Editor

Itís been an interesting week. I spent much of my time dealing with closing the office. I have some really nice office furniture that I just canít seem to get a buyer for. My wife is adamant. I am not to bring a truckload of stuff home. And as many of you might know, ďIf mamma ainít happy, ainít nobody happy.Ē

Iím trying to get may affairs in order so that we can head off on vacation for a couple of weeks. Iíve been looking at a cruise of the Greek Isles, but we have to leave in the next few weeks if we are going to have any kind of weather. If we go on the trip, I may leave my laptop at home, so there will probably be no newsletter while Iím away. Iíll keep you posted on that.

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Getting a ďBuzzĒ On

No Iím not going to talk about alcohol or other chemicals *8>)

Viral marketing has matured a bit over the years. There seems to have been a shift to the web not just being seen by agencies and brands as another tick box for any ad campaign. This is significant as the Internet is the medium where a campaign is launched to create a buzz before it hits TV and print. Even before a movie is released it is common to see a spate of Internet activity included in the pre-launch buzz-generation activity. And frequently replacing much of it. Big business ďgets itĒ.

Buzz works! It can work for your small or start-up businesses as well. The planning stage of a viral campaign is where you must set out objectives and develop the viral theme for a buzz. There are three core components to any viral campaign and businesses of any size can use them.

They are:

  1. The creative material: the viral agent that embodies the message you want to spread in a digital format (image, video, text, etc). The trick is to put together material that people will be eager to share with their family and friends and people are much more eager to share ďadvertainmentĒ than advertisement.

  2. Seeding: distributing and placing the agent online in places that provide the greatest potential spread. Direct viral material downloads or links on specialist viral third-party web sites in order to create awareness and spread before users get to the campaign destination site.

  3. Tracking: Measuring the spread of the campaign to provide accountability and prove success. It is absolutely vital that you know what is or is not working. The only way to get that information is to track the results of your seeding.

Lessons have been learned, trends have been developed and there is definitely some science involved in creating a buzz successfully. The buzz technique is here to stay and, if used strategically, it can make a difference to the success of your e-business.

The above is pretty much theoretical. The following excerpt outlines the actual details of how one company created a buzz.

Houston Museum of Natural Science Viral Campaign

The Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) was one chosen to showcase the world-famous Exhibition for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. HMNS quickly realized that while the exhibit was expected to generate a great deal of interest, it didnít have a lot of appeal for their core audience. The success of the exhibition, therefore, would rest in how it was marketed.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science quickly called in Spur Digital to help reach the targeted demographic audience and generate interest in the Exhibit. HMNS was, also, hoping to acquire new patrons and members to further their future revenue.

Spur digital worked with HMNS to identify the target market for the campaign and developed an integrated online media plan to reach those audiences. The campaign featured an online contest that was marketed through targeted online media outlets including relevant Web sites, Search Engines and third party E-mail lists. Viral marketing was an important component of the campaign, so Spur developed an innovative strategy to get people to refer their friends.

Spur identified the target audience as males 18 to 34 years old who were fans of action and fantasy films, frequent video game players and movie renters, tech-savvy who generally didnít hang out at museums. Based on this information, Spur chose search engine advertisements that would accompany specific search words, dedicated e-mail advertisements, sponsored e-mail advertisements, banner ads on web sites targeted toward the desired audience, and e-mails to the HMNS list.

Did it work? You bet! The results were excellent. The impact of the viral marketing effort was astounding - over 23% of registrants came originated from the Tell-A-Friend feature. The direct marketing efforts yielded impressive results as well. In total, the 12 week, locally-targeted online campaign yielded more than 2 million targeted impressions, 40,000 unique visits, almost 12,000 and 6,000 invitations sent by friends at a cost per action of less than $3.00. These contributed to the record attendance of almost 100,000 over 3 months.

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Recommendations for this Week

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