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From the Editor

I'm almost finished all of the reworking of Mr Idea's Ebookstore site. I have decided to start a new list on the site. I will be giving away a great product every month, as well as providing early access to hot new products. If you are interested in joining the new list, just mosey on over to Mr Idea's Ebookstore

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Also, the great new giveaway is also almost done. I think it ends on Sunday. All kinds of very valuable products are available, if you will part with your email address. Check it out now HERE.

Marketing Techniques Compendium Part 2

Affiliate programming

You can offer your products’ through an affiliate program. Generally, you allow anyone to become an affiliate, as long as they follow your rules. Affiliates get a commission on each sale. It can be paid immediately after the sale, or accumulated and paid out periodically.

Subscriber list

You should provide your visitors an opportunity to sign up for your list on every page of your site. To get them to sign up, you must offer them value for their email addresses. A free gift immediately and the promise of a quality newsletter or free gifts regularly is a good value. Regular communication with them is crucial to maintaining their interest. Asking for their input and opinion about the site is also a very good idea.


You should place a “Tell-a-friend” script on strategic pages of your website. If visitors recommend your website to other people, you will get more quality traffic. A recommendation from a friend is about the best advertising you can get.

Paid Reviews

There are many freelancers out there, who would be happy to critique your blog. If you get them to leave their critique as a comment on your blog, it’s great exposure for those a new to blog.


You must turn one-time visitors into regular visitors to maximize your profits. If you have more than one site in your niche, then you can direct visitors (not buyers) to one of your other sites. This will give them maximum exposure to you and your products, and hopefully convince them to buy.

Error Page

You can take advantage of misdirected traffic by designing a 404-error page for your site. If a visitor attempts to access a page that doesn’t exist, instead of losing them forever, you provide a page with s link which directs the visitor to another page on your website.


Whenever you buy a product and liked it, leave behind a testimonial that contains a link to your website. The website owner will in all likelihood post your testimonial with your link. This will probably generate some qualified traffic to your site.


Free gifts are always welcomed by visitors.. You can, for instance, offer a free e-Book to get visitors to become subscribers.

Yahoo! Answers

If you have some spare time, answer people’s queries on Yahoo! Be sure to place a link to your website on the bottom of each post.

Customer Support

There is no substitute for good service, and good support is a major part of good service. Customers who have occasion to access your support will, if your service is good, refer others to your site. This word of mouth is the best endorsement you could ask for.


Although you want people to comment on your blog, you can comment on other blogs as well. Put a link to your website at the bottom of your comment.


You can make remind people of your product or service by giving away a screensaver. Make it attractive, with your company logo and URL placed in the screensaver and people will be reminded of you every time the screensaver runs.


Any time you create a profile on the Internet, include appropriate keywords and a link to your website.


Selling any item on eBay with the profits going to charity will usually result in the charity linking back to your eBay auction, and also to your main website.

Blog Entries

Whenever you post an entry in your blog, make sure that you link back to the sales page on your website. Don’t be afraid to create more than one blog, and have them all link back to your main website.


Properly done, an ad on Craiglist can be beneficial. Repeat the post for your ad in many densely-populated cities to enhance your exposure.

P.S. Have you seen my new site Mr Idea's Ebookstore. As the name implies it is stocked with ebooks, scripts, websites and more.

Recommendations for this Week

Have you checked out this new site that will give your website a link without requiring a reciprocal link? The search engines love this. It's in the Beta stage right now, so it is free to join. Check it out at: Qassia

If you are interested in working from home, I have a free ebook that outlines five different work at home opportunities. To get your copy just click HERE.

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