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From the Editor

Had another Mastermind call on Monday. What a great experience. Dixie Brown from Lay Off Your Boss 2 was right on with advice again. I have tried to capture the essence of her advice in my article this week. The new list is growing quite nicely. Are you getting the great product I'm giving away every month? I'm also providing early access to hot new products to these VIP members. If you are interested in joining the free new list, just mosey on over to Mr Idea's Ebookstore.

The One Thing That Guarantees Your Failure

Many articles, ebooks, and courses, as well as videos and audios have been created to explain why most people fail. These products, in the main, have been created to enlighten you gently and offer some helpful hints while pitching the next product in the series. Much of the material is very useful, but I have not seen any that address “The One Thing That Guarantees Failure.” And no I don’t have a product here for you to buy. I guess that I should have, but I’m going to give you the whole enchilada for free. Yup that’s right, Free, Nada, Nothing, Zip. You get the idea. But I am going to be brutally frank!

Not Self-Esteem

Although it is not the biggie, your self-esteem is a part of failure. If you don’t think that you will succeed, you won’t. That’s a pretty straight forward concept. If you don’t have a lot of self-esteem, it will cause you a lot of personal anguish and inner turmoil, but it won’t normally make or break you.

There’s nothing like a little success to build self-esteem. Self-esteem is perfectly intact when we are born, in fact, it is inherent to us; however, it often diminishes over the course of our childhood. We lose a little of it whenever we fail, make mistakes. It builds when we succeed.

If that’s not the biggie, then what is? Is it a lack of a quality product? Is it a lack of traffic to your website? Is it poor conversion? Just what is the cause of failure.


It’s very simple. Inaction. How many times have you rewritten your sales page? How many times have you given your product “just one more going over?” How many times have you done “anything but sell your product?”

Those who succeed, take action. Winners do not spend a lot of time trying to decide what to do, they just do it. Success comes from failure. My favourite saying is, “Fail fast, so that you can try again.” By this I don’t mean that I want to fail, but rather that if an idea, product, website, etc. is not going to produce for me, let it be evident right away. There is nothing so debilitating as continually putting your effort into a product that is never going to sell.


It kind of goes with the old saying, “If you keep doing the same thing, and expect a different result, then you’re insane.” How many times have you worked on a product, website, campaign, then put it aside because you had a new idea or product? You can’t make sales if you never have anything for sale! Don’t aim for perfection. Good enough, actually is most of the time.

If you slap up a website and find that you are making a few sales, then it’s worth spending time and money improving it. There is no money in spending all of your time developing the perfect product, the perfect website, the perfect campaign. Just get the damn thing out there and see if there is any interest. You can always tweak it later.

Don’t wait for the stars to be in alignment, the day to be perfect, demand to peak, or whatever is holding you back. Just act! Do something! Get your product out there so that someone has a chance to buy it. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Act now.


Sitting on the fence can be very painful, so jump one way or the other. If you are never going to be “ready” to sell your first product, then “get a job.” Go work for a paycheque. You are not ready for the big world of Internet Marketing.

To succeed, you must act. Remember the 80 – 10 rule. Well, in business, the rule is more like 95 – 5. Only 5% of the folks take action and succeed. The rest fritter away their time “getting ready to act.”

In the words of my beloved grandmother, “Sh*t or get off the pot!” Don’t waste your life chasing rainbows. Either take action on your Internet Marketing plan, or leave the arena. Otherwise, you are just wasting valuable time that you could be spending with your loved ones.

If the above article offends 90 and causes 10 to take action, then I have been successful.

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Recommendations for this Week

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