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From the Editor

Crazy week. I'm on the nomcom for CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) and so I had to travel to Ottawa for a meeting. Rented a Hyundi Prius to get around. Cost me a buck for gas! Not bad for about 50 miles.

The website had a glitch in it, so I am extending the offer.
Picked up some great videos that show how to do a number of Internet Marketing related tasks in simple, short steps. They cover such tasks a setting up a Clickbank account, a WordPress blog, how to add a PayPal button to your site, how to add a meta description tag to your html code and much, much more. You can pick them up for a fantastically low price at

Need an Idea? Steal an Idea.

If you want to look at creating on-line business ideas, first take a look at what is out there. Today I will show you how you can come up with ways to make money and to decide if your business idea can be profitable.

If you are having trouble generating on-line business ideas that work,don't despair. Help is on the way.

On-line business ideas, normally fall under a few broad categories:

  1. You can sell through on-line auctions such as eBay,

  2. 2. You can sell goods on the Internet, or

  3. You can sell a service to customers.

I suppose that you could also serve as a business to business product or service provider, but we won't go into that in this article.

Websites for Ideas

If you are having trouble thinking about what you would like to do on the Internet, take a look at some of the websites that feature products or services that you can sell for a profit. You can use their experience and ideas to help you decide what might work for you.


The first website that I suggest that you to visit is This website has many different products that you can buy or even promote on your own website. By studying the products and services, and how they are being promoted, you may be able to generate an idea or two of your own.

If you have an idea that you are thinking about promoting, you should also take a look at this website. You can quickly see what the hot products are being offered currently. You will be able to see right away if your product fits the current trends, and it might even give you some ideas as to how you might improve on your own product.

One Internet marketing expert has said that if you can take an existing product and put a twist on it, you can be very successful.

If you find that a product on Clickbank, that in your opinion is very good, you can promote that product as an affiliate. If you do this, you will have to worry about driving traffic to your website and sending leads to your particular affiliate page, but everything else related to the sale of the product is handled by the creator of the product.

If you decide to put up a website to promote one of these products, you do not have to worry about developing your own product but just developing a market for the product you are promoting. If you decide to do this, think of a way to trump current marketing out there for the product and add a twist to the current product to raise yourself above the crowd. If you offer the affiliate product with a service, you then will have two different ways to hook your customers.

Affiliate Programs

The second website that I suggest you visit to help in creating on-line business ideas for you is This website has many different affiliate programs which you can join and promote, or, it can give you some ideas as to how you could make or improve your current products or marketing.

If you take your time and look through how these programs are marketed, you may be able to see where you can make a change and offer a better product. Much of the improvement that comes through business on the Internet as well as off-line come in the form of improvements on current products.

As you look at these affiliate programs, see where you can improve what they have to offer. Either create your own program, or take their program and offer it with a twist.

Home Biz

The next website that you should visit is This website can prove to be very helpful to you because it lists many different opportunities available to the new Internet Marketer. If you are new to Internet marketing, this is a great area for you to investigate. You never know when someone elseís idea will trigger a new one for you.

Keep in mind that your business idea doesn't necessarily have to be revolutionary. You can either improve on an existing idea or create a better way to market an existing product. Either way, you can make nice money. Remember that you do not necessarily make money by creating a product. The money comes from creating and selling to a market. If you market a product correctly, you will have the opportunity to make a bundle of money, whether or not you own that product.

To put it in a nutshell, having your own product is nice. Being able to successfully market a product, whether or not itís your own, is better.

P.S. Have you seen my new site Mr Idea's Ebookstore. As the name implies it is stocked with ebooks, scripts, websites and more.

Recommendations for this Week

Have you checked out this new site that will give your website a link without requiring a reciprocal link? The search engines love this. It's in the Beta stage right now, so it is free to join. Check it out at: Qassia

If you are interested in working from home, I have a free ebook that outlines five different work at home opportunities. To get your copy just click HERE.

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