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From the Editor

After a rush of medical appointments, we finally got a chance to work on the yard. We're two months late, and the weeds show it. I managed to pump out, power wash, and set up the water display in six water features, two pond and a waterfall. I have two ponds, a waterfall and a river left. If you guessed that it takes up a lot of our back yard, you are correct. There is not a patch of lawn to be found.

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Does Your Copywriting Stink?

Successful marketers must learn to write quality copy because that’s what puts money in the bank. On the Internet, words are the only tool you have to convince people to buy your product. But you don't need to be the world’s best copywriter to succeed.

Create Your Sales Letter

To be a successful copywriter, you sales letters need only hold the reader’s attention long enough to convince a reasonable number of them to buy your product.

Before you can be successful as a copywriter you need something great to write about. A great offer can consist of one or more components. Your offer is great because of its perceived value. You may need some type of gimmick to give you product this high perceived value.

The number one way that Internet Marketers create perceived value is through bonuses. The more bonuses, up to a point, the higher the perceived value. The better your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), the higher the perceived value. You must of course present your USP in a killer way.

You may have noticed that I talked about perceived, not real value. Your visitors will buy your product based on the value they perceive it to have for them, not what it actually cost you to create and manufacture. Your sales letter will determine for them the value of your product.

Write a Killer Sales Letter


Your headline is the attention getter that you use to hook your visitor into reading on. It is not a sales pitch, although it should contain your most important benefit, but rather a grabber to get people to read more of your copy. Your headline should shock or intrigue your reader. You should always put quotes around your headline.

Your sales letter may also contain pre and or post headlines. A pre-headline is an opening statement that leads into the headline. It should not contain quotes and should be in regular sized text. A post-headline should lead directly from the headline into the body of the sales letter.

Opening Paragraph

In the opening paragraph, you should typically include your name and a brief introduction and an explanation of why your readers should listen to you. Once they know why they should listen to you, you should give them a hint of what you are offering, but don't reveal anything substantial.

Body Copy

Your body copy should be as long as it needs to be to sell your product and no longer. Generally speaking, the more expensive your product the long the body copy needs to be. Do not write to fill space! Stop writing the instant you run out of good sales copy.

Use sub-heads to break your copy into bite sized pieces Make sure that your sub-heads attract attention and intrigue your readers. They should be the same size, font and colour as your headline. String these 30 second chunks together into a coherent sales piece.


Use bullets to break up your copy, say something important and emphasize your key selling points. Tantalize them with benefits, but make sure that you never reveal your actual product features. You can have several sets of bullets in long copy.

I like to develop the bullets first and use the best one as the headline.


Your readers likely don't know you and therefore have no reason to trust your description or your product. A guarantee can help alleviate that fear. Make sure that you guarantee is clear and unequivocal. If they are not happy, give them all of their money back as the minimum. Make your guarantee as long as possible. Lifetime is best. Keep in mind that if you are using ClickBank you can only give a 56 day guarantee. Make sure you deliver promptly if someone calls you on your guarantee.

Call to Action

Create a compelling call to action. If you don't ask for the sale, your visitors are unlikely to buy. Include your main benefit and emphasize the need for them to buy now. Time limit your offer in some way e.g. the deal expires, a limited number of copies, or a price increase coming.

Explain exactly what your visitor must do to buy your product, and how and when your product will be delivered. Restate your main benefit.

The P.S.

Your P.S. is your last chance on the page to get your visitor to buy. Use one P.S., and never more than two. Try to put a different twist on your call to action.


Look at successful sites to see how they are formatted. Don't be afraid to copy their formatting. NEVER steal their copy. Make sure to use readable fonts such as tahoma, arial, and georgia. Make headlines stand out by bolding and using colour. The H1 function is great for the headline. Call out boxes are great for emphasizing testimonials or other important information. Professionally done graphics such as ecovers, fancy bullets, charts and graphs can be very helpful. Some have suggested that using a border around the copy is a good idea. The jury is still out on whether or not to use a header graphic.

Final Words

Make sure that your contact information is clearly visible at the bottom of the page. Include your name, address, email address, phone number or any special way to contact you is there.

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Recommendations for this Week

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