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From the Editor

Monday Mastermind, an integral part of Lay Off Your Boss 2, this week took a little different turn. Although everyone did not make the call, those that were there decided to participate in a group challenge. Should be interesting. I'll keep you posted as we progress over the next four weeks. Jeff and Dixie are just a magnificent inspiration. I recommend their Lay Off Your Boss 2 course for anyone - newbie or old pro.

The goldfish are swimming outside, but my tasks are not done    *8>(    One of the pond systems is losing water at a tremendous rate. It had to be the most complex one of course. I'm stuck trying to find out if it's the waterfall, the top pond, the river, the bottom pond or the fountain. It keeps raining at night, so I can't check the ground to find the leak! Looks like a long job.

I had an article all done and saved for this week, but I lost it. I think I saved another article over it - that'll teach me to save articles by number instead of by name. Lesson learned. It's going to be another late night *8>)   

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How's Your Internet Video?

With the proliferation of video on the ‘net, an entrepreneur must give serious consideration to creating videos to advertise her own products. There are basically two kinds of video on the Internet. Video that consists of voice over slides, and live action video. Voice over slides can be done quite simply with your computer and a quality microphone.

If you decide to do live action video, you will need a decent camcorder. Be picky. Read the reviews. Choose the best quality camcorder that you can afford, that meets your total needs. There are so many good camcorders to choose from that you probably won't go wrong if you keep your needs in mind when you buy.

Purchasing a Camcorder

It is important that you do not purchase the first camcorder that you think looks cool. Before investing your hard-earned money, you need to ask around about camcorders. Check with people who have experience using the model that you are interested in. Get on the Internet and read the reviews written by people like you, and some that are written by video pros.

Reviews can help you with find out information on all the different types and styles of camcorders. You'll also surely get advice on which ones you should stay away from. You want to narrow your search to just the ones that your research tells you are the very best for your needs.

Take your time when choosing your camcorder. You don't want to end up paying a premium for one that has features that you will never use, or one that is missing features that are a must for you. My son has a neat camera with a detachable lens that you can attach to your head while your are involved in a physical activity. Makes great action movies, but I don't see me using it to make Internet Marketing videos, but it may be a feature that you can use.

Multi-use Camcorder

Even though you are buying a camcorder mainly to use in your business, you will also want to be able to use it at home from time to time. Some camcorders have some really neat, fun features, that are of absolutely no use to your business, but could be wonderful for making a video of your young one’s birthday. Finding one that best suits your needs is really important.

If you don't have a lot of experience with video, it would be wise to purchase a camcorder that is suited to your beginner status. Do not get in over your head when purchasing a camcorder, you don't want to get home and find that it is impossible for you to figure out how to use the camcorder because it has so many features.

My Criteria

I'm looking to buy a camcorder in the next few weeks. One of the members of my Mastermind group has an almost new one that she has outgrown. She has promised to make me an offer that I can't refuse, so I set a few criteria that I believe are necessary for me to create videos for the web:

  1. Crisp video. If it doesn't start out really crisp, by the time I've edited and prepared it for the web, it will be of embarrassingly low quality.

  2. Multi-hour recording time. I want to be able to do several videos at a time to maximize my time.

  3. Anti-vibration. Since I will be holding the camera in my hand to shoot from time to time, I want a good mechanical anti-vibration system. I'm not interested in a digital one at this time.

  4. Zoom - I want at least a 25X optical zoom capability. I would strongly recommend that you never use digital zoom as it degrades the quality of the video. I want to be able to pull a face out of a crowd, or on stage from a good distance away.

  5. An viewfinder rather than an LCD. I like the ability to aim the camera like a long gun. If an LCD is necessary, then it absolutely must have the ability to be seen in bright daylight.

  6. An external microphone - Although a mic in the camera is useful most of the time, there will be times when the subject is far enough away that background noise will interfere if I can't use a remote mic.

  7. USB output and cables - A must since I am going to be editing the video on my computer. How else will you I get it onto the web?

  8. Robust. Any camera I own is going to get bounced around, so it had better be able to “take a licking and keep on ticking.”

  9. Simple to use controls. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want is to need the manual every time I go for a shoot.

  10. Easy to reach controls. I don't want to be a contorting myself trying to make an adjustment on the fly.

  11. I prefer a hard drive, but I wouldn't make it a deal buster.

  12. Tripod mount and remote control. Since I expect to be using the camcorder to make videos of myself, I need to be able to mount it on a tripod and start and stop it remotely.

I think that the one my Mastermind member has meets all of the criteria except the external mic. She is the second person I that I have talked to that is unloading their camera because it doesn't have a remote mic. Maybe I should hold out for one also.

I think what I am trying to say is that finding the camcorder best suited for you and your digital camcorder experience can be a fun and exciting experience. If you pick wisely, you will be pleased when you see for yourself the first video you record.

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Recommendations for this Week

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