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From the Editor

I left the reader special for the 240 Actions up for another few days. If you haven't already picked it up, check it out HERE

Well, we missed the deadline! My daughter and son-in-law have arrived - we're currently in Duluth as he had never been here before - and the bathroom has no toilet or sink yet. Turns out that the floor under the toilet is soft, so they need to rip out some of the new tiles and replace the underlay. Unfortunately, they don't have time to do it right now    *8>(

If you missed out on the great deal on the videos that show how to do a number of Internet Marketing related tasks in simple, short steps you can still get them at the regular price. They cover such tasks a setting up a Clickbank account, a WordPress blog, how to add a PayPal button to your site, how to add a meta description tag to your html code and much, much more. I will be adding 20 more videos and increasing the price next week. If you can pick the current lot at the current great price at I will send you the other 20 videos next week for no extra charge..

Squeeze ‘Em Hard

I was watching a video by John Hostler, an Internet guru, about how to create a high converting squeeze page. I thought you might be interested in his take on it.

BTW John Hostler, even when running one of his special offers charges at least $697. And that’s just to create ONE squeeze page.

John’s first point is that when you create a squeeze page, you must keep in mind that you have very little time to make an impact on your viewer. Your most important message must appear above the fold i.e. be visible on the first screen without any scrolling.

Start by putting your text on the left.

Begin creating your squeeze page by writing a series of bullets that emphasize benefits, not features. Use no more than four real bullets and a final bullet that emphasizes that there is a great deal more to be had from signing up. Make your first and fourth bullets the strongest - you don't want to start off strong and then get weaker and weaker. The fourth bullet is the closer. But don't put very weak points for the other two bullets. You're better to go with only two strong points if that is all you have.

If you can't make your bullets compelling, make them intriguing. Bold and capitalize the key words in each bullet and use them as a lead in to your text. This will catch the eye of skimmers, and reinforce your message to readers.

Put a summary of your bullets right under them. Finish this section with a strong call to action. Make sure that there is a reason for the reader to act now. Scarcity - there are only so many available. Time - this offer will only be available for a limited time. I like the script that allows you to say you have X minutes and then you will never be able to see this page again. You can use your own creativity to generate a reason to act right now.

Put an optin form right below the call to action. This is to catch the folks that don't read the bullets but rather scroll right to the bottom of the page.

Put your main optin form on the right at the top of the page. Make sure that you preface the form with a strong call to action.

Make sure that your optin forms contain a privacy disclaimer - something like “Your email address is safe with us. We will never share, trade, sell or rent your email address with anyone period.”

You may not have any testimonials, but if you do, put them directly below the optin form on the top right side of the page. Use a different font - italic is good - so that they stand out from the rest of the text on the page. Do not bold them. You want them to be different, but not the first thing your visitors’ eyes go to. If you have pictures for your testimonials, use them here.

Once you have the rest of the page complete, write a strong headline, then follow up with a powerful sub-head. Use a line of dashes, ellipses, or similar to separate the sub-head from the headline, and use another to separate it from the rest of the page. This breaks up your page and makes it seem more friendly and less formidable to the reader. If you haven't captured their attention by now, the rest of the page is useless! Don't use hype, but certainly you do need to write some strong copy. And no I didn't forget and add this at the end. Don't write the head and sub-head until you have done everything else. That way you can make sure that they lead into the rest of the page.

Don't forget to include links to your terms of service (TOS) and privacy policy as it will improve your quality score with the search engines. And of course you will put your copyright somewhere on the page. I like the bottom left of the page, just before the links to TOS and privacy policy.

I know that my description of creating a squeeze page has not done the video justice, so I bought the rights to it. You can pick it up for a very special price on the page I created just for you HERE.

P.S. Have you seen my new site Mr Idea's Ebookstore. As the name implies it is stocked with ebooks, scripts, websites and more.

Recommendations for this Week

Have you checked out this new site that will give your website a link without requiring a reciprocal link? The search engines love this. It's in the Beta stage right now, so it is free to join. Check it out at: Qassia

If you are interested in working from home, I have a free ebook that outlines five different work at home opportunities. To get your copy just click HERE.

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