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Autoresponders Revisited Part 2 by Jim Mr Idea Green

Picking up where I left off last week, every email must have two qualities.

First, every e-mail must have a headline that encourages the recipient to open it so they will read the message contained within and, hopefully, act upon it. Creating such headlines is a skill that you will acquire over time, through trial and error as much as anything else.

The second, and perhaps even more important, factor is that your e-mail must arrive in the intended recipients’ inboxes. If they do not receive your e-mail, they cannot read it no matter how persuasive your headline is or how attractive your enclosed offer may be.


There are two potential barriers that stand in the way of your e-mail arriving safely, one of which is controllable, but the other of which is anything but.

Some marketers have become angered about the amount of spam e-mail they receive everyday, and they have, therefore, placed incoming filters on their e-mail inboxes. If you send an e-mail to an inbox protected by this kind of filter, you will generally be asked to manually type in some form of password or code as proof that you are a real human being as opposed to an automatic spamming software program. Simply input the necessary information, and your mail will be sent to the recipients’ inboxes without any further delay. The number of people who have adopted such protective measures is still relatively small but the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) decided to step in to ‘help’ their customers and clients.


The majority of ISPs now have an e-mail ‘pre-filtering’ system that will block any incoming mail which it suspects of being spam. Unfortunately, most of the ISP filtering systems are spectacularly inaccurate -- when they are in ‘doubt’, they will always err on the side of caution, immediately trashing any incoming mail suspected of being spam long before it gets anywhere near their customers’ inboxes.

In theory, this is a fantastic additional service that your ISP is providing. In practice, however, because these filters are so inaccurate, huge amounts of perfectly valid e-mails are being filtered out everyday, and the intended recipients are never any the wiser about the fact that e-mail had been sent to them in the first place.

For you, as someone who relies on the successful delivery of e-mail for your business profitability, this represents a massive potential problem. If your emails never arrive in your prospect’s or customer’s inbox, you can never hope to earn any additional profits from those people in the future.

Double Opt In

For instance, under the ‘double opt in’ system, your autoresponder account automatically sends anyone who applies to join your mailing list a confirmation e-mail. That e-mail contains an active link which the recipient must click to confirm that they want to receive the information for which they apparently have asked. If that confirmation mail never arrives, then two things will (or will not) happen.

The person who wanted to receive your free report or gift will not receive it. Indeed, they will never receive any mail from you at all, and that will adversely color their opinion of you and your business. You know for a fact that they are not going to attempt to sign up for your list again, and if they ever see any other of your offers, it is extremely unlikely that they will respond no matter how good the offer is.

In effect, you have lost someone who potentially could have been one of your best customers for life.

As far as you are concerned, that individual never bothered to confirm his or her request to receive additional information. This probably indicates to you that they were not particularly interested in what you had to offer in the first place, so it is probably a case of ‘good riddance’.

In this situation, both parties to the intended ‘deal’ are left with mutual negative feelings, each through no fault of the other. You do not manage to add a new prospect to your list and they do not receive the information they went to the trouble of requesting.


Now, imagine how much more serious it would be if none of the e-mails that you send out as part of your pre-loaded e-mail autoresponder series ever arrive. No matter how hard you try, you can never build a successful business on that basis.

This concept of e-mail ‘deliverability’ is of critical importance to the future profitability of your online business efforts. Deliverability is the number one reason why you must choose either Aweber or GetResponse to be the autoresponder system that you work with. Both of these companies guarantee that over 95% of your e-mails will be delivered to their intended recipients, which is considerably higher than any other seemingly professional autoresponder systems currently operating in the market place.

Test Results

For example, I have recently received the results of testing a new ‘professional’ autoresponder service whose successful achieved delivery rate was a little over 30%. In other words, nearly 7 out of every 10 e-mails that was sent out during the test did not arrive in the intended recipients’ inboxes. None of the headlines on the e-mails were particularly contentious and they did not include any of the more obvious ‘trigger’ words that would automatically indicate to an ISP that the e-mail is probably spam.

For instance, you should never use the word ‘free’ in your headline because doing so almost guarantees that your mail will not get through, irrespective of which autoresponder system you are using.

Nor is this particular 30/70 example an exception. Stories of autoresponder systems that achieve deliverability rates of less than 40% or 50% are becoming increasingly common as the incidence of spam e-mail skyrockets. For this reason alone, the only two autoresponder systems that you should seriously consider if you really do intend to build a business for the long term are Aweber or GetResponse.


Although I have no concerns about using GetResponse, I finally chose Aweber to ensure that you get the information your need to make your business successful.

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Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor
Got an email from Will Bontrager. Great guy. Always looking to help. He sent me the name of a new service to consider. If you can put up with a little bit of advertising, you can get your autoresponders for $1 a month from Newsletters for You. If your needs are greater, then you need to look at either Aweber or Get Response.

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