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Review of "Public Domain Profit Machine"
by Jim Mr Idea Green

Today, I have decided to deliver a review of a package that I recently purchased - Todd Lee’s “Public Domain Profit Machine”. I’ve purchase a number of packages on making money from public domain material, some of them quite good, but this is the best one so far.

I was immediately impressed with the professional looking pdf format ebook, but then ran into five pages of the author’s self-serving material. After three more pages of legal disclaimers, I almost tossed the ebook right there. Fortunately, I decided to press on.

The first few pages are taken up with a little pep talk overview of how and why you should use public data sources. It’s always nice to be reminded of how big guys like UTube are making a fortune off ad revenue from a site where other people provide the information.

Keyword Tracker

He explains that you need to find a topic that is popular, but not so popular that websites on the topic are common. He goes on to tell you about where you can check out how popular the keywords for your chosen topic are.

Once you have chosen your topic Lee explains how to organize your site, and shows you several examples of sites that he has created. He then talks about a number of ways to get your site up and running, and several ways to monetize your new site.

Lee offers a more in-depth description and list of resources on how to generate and purchase your domain name, how to organize your site, how to design your site, where to host it, how to monetize it, and much more.

He then goes on to offer almost step-by-step instruction for organizing and designing your site, and suggests a number of ways to keep it current and up-to-date.


Revenue is the topic he dedicates a nice chunk of the ebook to. Lee covers several great ways to generate income from your public domain information site. Some of them I hadn’t even thought of using for such a site. He does of course cover capturing visitors’ names and emails to create a list of folks interested in what you have to offer. Good stuff.

He explains a number of ways of attracting visitors to your site. One way that Lee describes in detail interested me very much. He suggests setting up part of your site as a Wordpress blog, then getting your data for the site by publishing syndicated feeds on your topic. He gives very explicit instructions on how to do this. I like this idea and may very well use it as a way to attract visitors to one of my new sites.

Lest you think that public domain books are the only form of material to use for your site, I quote Lee. “There are literally millions of creative works — books, music, music scores, films, photographs, artwork, images, and much more—that exist in the public domain.”

Case Studies

He reviews a number of case studies of sites providing public data. You will be surprised at some of the sites he reviews.

As Lee is careful to explain, just because it is public domain does not mean that you can put your name on it. He explains exactly what to do so that you can put your own name on the work and even claim authorship.

A significant chunk of the ebook is focussed on how to find, or where to get your public data. Some of the sources are absolutely free, but a number require an investment to use.

Creating Ebooks

For the entrepreneur that wants to sell public domain data in the form of an ebook, Lee provides good insights in how to create and compile your work. He even points you to a printer who will make hard copies of ebooks on demand! You could see your book listed on, or even find it in your local bookstore.

The end of the book includes the obligatory list of affiliate links to related products that the reader may wish to purchase.


For those who learn better by hearing, the package includes professional audios of the entire ebook. All in all, not a bad deal for $37. For readers of The Great Ideazine, I have arranged for you to get the pdf, the audio recordings, and Master Resell Rights for only $17 at for the next week only.

As my friend Boogie Jack would say, “Have a great now, until then.”

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