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Guru Sales Page Distilled
by Jim Mr Idea Green

I just got a series of emails from one of the "big names" in Internet Marketing. He's got a "great" new product that he is flogging. I thought that I might take a look at his sales page, and distill it down to the bare essentials for you. Once I give you my impressions, I'll give you a link to the page so that you can see just how it is implemented.

The copy starts out with the obligatory headline, screaming out a can't resist benefit of the product. This is quickly followed up by a sub-head that helps to prop up and expand the headline while bringing in the spectre of scarcity.

I was appalled that in a highlighted box that scarcity was emphasized again using a random number script. "There Are Only 10 Spots Left In Thunder Bay, Ontario" which if you reload the page, becomes a random number between three and ten - at least that was the spread I got when I reloaded the page! Destroyed the credibility for me. It was a nice touch of personalization that the script was able to pinpoint the city where I live.

Having set up that I needed the product, and I might not be able to get it for long, the copywriter included a custom buy now button.

At this point, the copy reverts to form. The writer is identified, today's date is included, and I am addressed as "Dear Friend".

Establish Need

The copywriter uses a series of rhetorical questions to develop a need in the reader - quite nicely I might add. The copywriter goes on to deliver tidbits of information to wet the reader's appetite for the product - e.g. "I am going to show you how....".

Next up is the obligatory proof - graphics of pages of commissions earned using "the system" - and then goes on to deliver more and more benefits of the system cloaked in a description of the author's own success.


The copywriter stacks benefit upon benefit - expanding on points made previously, without ever giving away one useful piece of information about the product. Nicely done!

Once the list of benefits is so large that even one more would make the reader start to get cynical, the copywriter switches gears. He starts answering your potential objections. First he explains why if the system is so good he doesn't just keep it for himself, then goes on to show how the system has been tested successfully by student marketers.

Just to make sure that he closes the deal, the copywriter outlines the components of the course by explaining exactly what problems are solved.


Next comes the time-honoured bonus - time limited of course, but with a decent time horizon! And then to push you to act, he adds another bonus that is available only until the end of the current day.

By now, he has piqued the interest of most readers, and needs to state the price. He does this nicely by alluding to the high prices charged by other marketers for products of lesser value and then gives a very high figure "that he has every right to charge". Finally, he drops a low-ball figure (for a special 7 day trial). You only pay the full price after you have tested the product.

He quickly brings your resistance to an end by providing a full 60 day guarantee if you buy the full product.

Just in case you have forgotten what you have read, he quickly recaps the benefits of the program. Reminds you of the limited time on the bonuses, and provides a call to action - "Click Here To Order Now".

A little bit of hard sell - I am providing you with an incredible opportunity, jump now.

A restating of the price benefit, the time limited bonuses, and of course the guarantee in a series of P.S.s with another call to action completes the copy almost.

A special note from the developer of the course uses reverse psychology to seal the deal. And just in case you missed it, another call to action.


If you want to check out the copy that I just reviewed, go to HERE. And no this is not an affiliate link! I'm not recommending that you purchase this, just check out the flow of the copy and maybe it will be of help the next time you need to write a sales page.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor
Just found a great new video series that covers all of the bases for creating one time offers. For only $7 this is a video series you can't afford not to have. Pick it up at

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