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Subscribe Review
by Jim Mr Idea Green

I recently signed up for the membership site created by Jeremy Burns.

I'm so impressed by what I've seen, that I'm going use this newsletter to give you an overview. I'm going to break down exactly what the site is all about and what you might expect if you were to check it out.

First off, I'll start by describing exactly what the site purports to be. Itís advertised as a site that gives you four to five new private label rights products every month - and it delivers on that ad. These are ebooks on hot topics in niches that have been well researched.

One thing I found very nice was the price. I don't know about you, but I have found that a "quality" private label rights product costs $50 to $70. The delivers ALL five products for less than the price of one PLR product. I find this quite appealing!

NOTE: Right now membership's only $1 to start and $19.97 a month thereafter to anyone like me that gets in during their initial launch phase. Oh yeah, I don't know if Jeremy has thought this through, but right now you get free access to all of the products created for this site since June 2008.

Hereís what's in the site with a more specific break down of each sectionÖ

Naked PLRís

A fancy name for the section that you'll go to in order to get access to the current private label rights products. Each product comes with two documents called the Product Analysis and Fast Action Ideas documents.

These documents contain copy starters to help you create your awesome sales letter for your new ebook as well as keywords and competitive pay per click analysis so that you can start bidding on keywords to get traffic to your website quickly. I really prefer this over other sites that offer a complete, ready to upload sales page. This way, I know that my site is not going to be the same as the 25 other buyers who actually put up a web page. More opportunity for a higher ranking on Google, and less chance of getting slapped for being a duplicate site. Gotta love that.

This is also the place where you'll also find market research, potential titles for your product and much more.

Also included are 25 articles for each of the products that you can use to further customize your ebook, use for article marketing or use them for creating reports or other traffic generating materials.

PLR Training

This section is definitely worth the full price of the website. Most membership sites say that they are going to offer training but they fall so short of delivering on the promise that it isn't even funny.

Believe me, I'm a member of several monthly PLR websites and the offering as far as quality training is sparse.

So far, there have been incredible amounts of extremely high value training resources and tools added to the memberís area of NakedPLR. There are currently nine manuals and quick start guides that show you everything from how to customize your ebooks each month all the way to making more money from them, multiplying profits and getting cheaper pay per click traffic.

The information included in this training section easily could have been sold as a physical course for $300 or $400, but Jeremy has included it all for free in the members area.

I honestly feel that this one section alone is worth every penny of the membership fee each month.

Site Builder

This section gives you everything that you need to build a hot selling website that you can use to start selling your products.

You get a complete course that takes you through the entire process of using the two documents that come with each product to craft your own sales letter step by step, without writing anything from scratch!

This course is around 100 meaty pages long and could easily be a $97 sales letter customization course all by itself.

Best of all, you also get a sales letter template that aids you in the process with more guidance and the formatting already done for you!

You see people selling sales letter software that doesn't offer the results this template does for upwards of $200 or more but itís included in your membership.

Here's a list of the titles in this series:

  1. The Official 4 Step Action Plan
  2. The Official Quick Start Manual
  3. Your Sales Letter Customization Crash Course
  4. Thank You Page Quick Setup
  5. The Official Fill In The Blank Sales Letter
  6. and finally...
  7. The Official Salesletter Creator Software

Bonus PLRís

This bonus section is loaded with five PLR products, six MRR products and four resell rights products. These products all contain great information that you can use to promote your business, BUT you can also start selling them right away for immediate profits.

Most of these products come complete with sales letters and graphics and are ready to roll.

The cool thing is that you can use some of the tactics that you've learned in the training material provided in the training section and further customize the existing PLR products.

This allows you to create a product fast and it will be totally unique to you!

Chances are, you've probably seen some vendors selling these products that you're going to get for free *with* rights.

Download them, use the information in them to profit from and also use them to sell for a profit.

Affiliate Cash

Obviously this section gives you information on promoting through the affiliate program.

This section is very different when compared to any of the other affiliate programs that you may have been exposed to on-line.

In addition to information on how to get your affiliate links, you actually get a course on how to start promoting your link and generating traffic to it.

The marketing lesson given here is great even if you do not use your new knowledge to promote NakedPLR.

There are even web 2.0 tactics covered that you've seen in many paid courses as well as tools such as press releases, articles and review for your blogs.

Best of all, even if you don't have a website you can use this information to start generating traffic to your affiliate URL and start generating recurring income for yourself using completely free methods!

You could even use the tactics that you learn in the affiliate marketing training to help you market all of the products you get every month for fast (and free) traffic.

As you can probably tell, I am very happy with all of the goodies that I receive as a member.

Of course, the star is the four to five products you get every month with private label rights enabling you to start four to five new niche businesses each month but the training, bonus products, tools and affiliate training are also awesome.

Overall, I give the membership two thumbs up and I recommend that you take a look at grabbing your own membership. If you use only one product a month, you definitely won't regret it.

I sent this out this week, in hopes that if you are interested, you would be lucky enough to still find Jeremy's $1.00 trial available. I know the trial moves to $47 soon.


I spent a lot of time working on the $7 script to allow me to use it without customizing every page for every site. Now I only need to fill in the blanks in the config program, put my sales copy on the salespage and oto page and I'm good to go. My name, my company name, my support desk or email address (didn't work in the original), the product name and price, the oto name and price, and the commission are now propagated automatically to every page that needs the info. A big time saver for me. I changed only the config file and text pages, not the script itself, so I think I'm safe if I decide to sell the upgrade. What do you think? Let me know what you think by contacting   My Support Desk.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor
Just found a great new video series that covers all of the bases for creating one time offers. For only $7 this is a video series you can't afford not to have. Pick it up at

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