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Been looking at cost effective ways to drive traffic to my sites. Took a flier on Leon Klepfish's program. I bought $10 worth of ads - 3,333 impressions. I have used up all the impressions and received six clicks, no sales. Works out to $1.67 per click. I don't think that I'll buy any more to see if the numbers improve over time.

I've written a new article this week, but I've delivered an updated version of the intro from last week.

I recently signed up for the membership site created by Jeremy Burns.

I started by describing exactly what the site purports to be. It’s advertised as a site that gives you four to five new private label rights products every month. These are ebooks on hot topics in niches that have been well researched. Upon reading through several ebooks, I would not sell any of the products as is. I would need to research and rewrite the entire product. I could not find any graphics for each product, so that would definitely be a development cost.

One thing I did find very nice was the price. The delivers a pile of resource material that is worth several month's membership fee. He even includes a piece of software that takes you lock-step through the creation of a sales page.

NOTE: Right now membership is still only $1 to start and $19.97 a month thereafter to anyone like me that gets in during their initial launch phase. Oh yeah, I don't know if Jeremy has thought this through, but right now you get free access to all of the products created for this site since June 2008. Not exactly a cookie-cutter product maker, but certainly worth considering if you don't already have your own product.

You Too Can Deliver a Profitable Teleseminar
by Jim Mr Idea Green

Before you start to plan your teleseminar, do some research. Find out what your target market wants - make sure you differentiate that from what you think they should want. Decide on a multi-media product you can create to answer the market request. Keep in mind that the lead time for a teleseminar, from concept to execution should be between 60 and 90 days, so they are a way for fairly quick money.

Now you need to develop the content for the teleseminar. Give out good information on what to do, but do not share how to do it. That’s the job of the multi-media product you are going to create.

Administrative Tasks

Register a domain for the teleseminar - it should reflect the topic of your seminar. Get a host for your website. I use 1and1 for both domain names and hosting. They're reliable and inexpensive.

Subscribe to a toll-free teleconferencing system. Set a date for your teleseminar.

Set up an autoresponder (I use Aweber)  that will collect the name and email address of your opt-in visitors and then send them to a web page that has the call-in information for your teleseminar. Prepare the follow up email that will also give them the call-in information for your teleseminar. Later on you will prepare a series of four emails to be sent immediately before your teleseminar.

Create Multi-media Product

Now is a good time to create your multi-media product. Note how I keep emphasizing multi-media. That’s because you will do much better if your product is more than just a digital download. Remember, you are dealing with the ‘how to do it’ not the ‘what to do’. Sometimes, it is easier to write the content for the teleseminar and then use that as a basis for creating the product you are going to promote on the teleseminar. Note, for more in-depth coverage of how to create a product, check out some of my previous newsletters. For the exact format to use for your teleseminar, check out newsletter 181. Get someone to interview you and raise all of the hard questions and objections that your listeners might have.

Sales Page

Write a sign-up generation page (sales page!) for your freebie - i.e. your teleseminar. Your copy must convince readers to give up their name and email address in return for being allowed to attend your teleseminar. Include the sign up form from your autoresponder. If you need some help writing your copy, check out newsletter 199.

Make the web page with the call-in information for your teleseminar.

Product Sales

Get a method of accepting payments. You can use a shopping cart system, Clickbank, PayPal, etc. Now would be a good time to write the sales copy for the payment page for your product. You are going to be sending potential buyers to this page to conclude the sale. It needs to have compelling copy.

Now that you have a product, a sales page, an outline for your teleseminar, and a way to capture names and email addresses you need to get busy and promote everywhere you can. Forums, discussions boards, blogs, etc are great places to show how knowledgeable you are on the topic, by answering questions and making posts. Whenever permitted, be sure to include a resource box that entices readers to go to your website and sign up for the seminar.

Write a high quality email to entice readers to sign up for your teleseminar. Make sure that it has room for your jv partners to customize it and add their own name.

Joint Ventures

Find other entrepreneurs serving the niche you are aiming at, and form joint ventures. Offer them a nice slice of the profit from each sale they generate. Give them the email copy.

Email your own list. If you don't have much of a list, rent one. Get your message out.

Just Before The Day

Four days before your seminar, email everyone, whether they have opted-in or not. The email needs to have good copy that excites them about attending your teleseminar. Remind them of how they can re-register if they have lost the details. Keeps the folks who have already opted-in from thinking that you have lost their registration, and makes non-registrants feel like insiders. Each day thereafter send them an even more exciting email with the information on re-registering.

Send a confirmation email to the opt-ins only on the day of the teleseminar. Expect 50-80% of confirmed opt-ins to actually attend.

Your Teleseminar

Deliver your teleseminar. Make sure that you record it. At the end of the teleseminar when you make your pitch for your product, include three prices - the product value (what the listener might need to pay to have it created), the retail price (this is the price your product normally sells for, or will sell for in the near future *8)> ), and the special offer available for a limited time only to the folks on your call.

Don't forget to include bonuses. Be sure to include bonuses that are only available on the call. A good tactic is to put a number limit on either the bonuses or the special offer price.

Direct the buyers to your sales page. Be sure that this page has good copy that reinforces their desire to buy your product.


Create or acquire related back end (follow up) products to market to your buyers. Customers are the best potential buyers for new products, so treat them well! Give them some way to contact you - on your own terms - to get answers to their questions. Then market the hell out of them.

If your teleseminar is successful, do not put it on-line! Repeat the advertising and the promotion. Deliver your teleseminar again and again every two to three months - by playing the recording over the phone line. Only quit repeating it when it doesn't deliver reasonable profits any longer. Don't advertise it as a playing the recording, call it something like an "encore performance."


I didn't get a lot of response to this last week. Take a minute, let me know what you think. Thanks.

I like the $7 script. I don't necessarily use all of the features on any one website, but I'm using it on more and more sites. I spent a lot of time working on the script to make it easy for me to customize every page for every site. Now I only need to fill in the blanks when I run the config program, put my copy on the sales page and one time offer (oto) page and I'm good to go. My name, my company name, my support desk or email address, the product name and price, the oto name and price, and the commission are now propagated automatically to every page that needs the info. A big time saver for me. I changed only the config and settings files and text pages, not the script itself, so I think I'm safe if I decide to sell the upgrade. What do you think? Let me know what you think by contacting   My Support Desk.

Final Notes
from Your Faithful Editor
Just found a great new video series that covers all of the bases for creating one time offers. For only $7 this is a video series you can't afford not to have. Read the full story at

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