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Another busy week. I've undertaken a rather ambitious project. I'm creating a full package - ebook, audio and video series - on running a successful seminar. I've got an outline of about 4,000 words done. Now I just need to flesh it out into the products. Should have it done in about a month.

How to Get Traffic for Your New Website
by Jim Mr Idea Green

You created/bought/stole a product, now you need to make a buck from it. If the Internet is your chosen sales arena, then a website makes immense sense. Okay, so you bought some graphics, wrote some great copy and slapped it all up on the web. Wouldn't it be great to generate a few sales? Unfortunately, most websites just languish with few if any visitors and no sales.

The big challenge is to get traffic to your new website. Although it can be difficult, with a little planning you can attract enough visitors to make your product profitable. Today, I'm going to give you four tricks to help get that traffic.

    First you need to make your website valuable to the search engines.

  1. Feed the search engines. Their robots are looking for new, fresh information all the time. Provide that information, and your site will be rewarded by the search engines with a high ranking. Once you have that new, fresh information you will find that the search engines will index your site quite quickly. Do make sure that your information is of high quality.

  2. Choose relevant keywords and phrases. Make sure that you have these keywords and phrases on your site and in any articles you upload to your site. If you do this well, the search engines will love your page and it will rank high in the results when people search for these words and phrases. The more times your page appears high in the search rankings, the more likely you are to get visitors to your website. Since you have high quality content on your site, visitors will be inclined to spend time reading this material and your sales pitch and perhaps even make a purchase.

    Then you need to make them visible to the search engines.

  3. The search engines will not find your website just because you put it on the web. Somehow they need to be told that you are there. The easiest way is to submit your site to these very search engines. This will mean that they know about your site and will begin sending their robots to crawl and index your content. Once they have crawled your site, the engines will make your pages available to people searching on your topic.

  4. However, you would be better served if the search engines found your site on their own. You can do this by obtaining links from other sites, particularly ones with a high rank themselves. Many sites will do a link exchange. You put a link to them on your site, and they reciprocate. Many of the big sites don't do link exchanges. You need to feed them something they want. Consider putting a video up on YouTube, starting a blog, and begin Twitting. The links from these sites will be much more important since they are only one-way, emphasizing the importance of your site.

I can't guarantee that you will make any money from your product. I am, however, very confident that if you follow these steps carefully, you will get people to at least look at your offering. Whether or not they buy, will depend on the strength of your offering. Good luck.


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