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My wife is heading back to hospital, and I will be living there as well. I have arranged for a series of guest editorials for the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted.

With more and more entrepeneurs using Wordpress as the basis of their websites, I felt it was time to take a look at some of the add-ons. This week I take a look at a new all inclusive toolbar widget from Google.

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At Last a Way to Get Rid of All of Those Widgets!
by Jim Mr Idea Green

I hate widgets, and that's being kind. It's only in the last few weeks that I have actually added one to my own blog. Why you ask do I hate these widgets? Because they slow page load dramatically. I don't have a 50mb Internet connection, so these puppies drag the page load time into eternity. I've left many a blog before the page even loaded because they had so many widgets. I don't understand why entrepreneurs would give up valuable marketing real estate for such drivel. You could have references to your products filling that valuable space.

It looks like Google has realized the error of their ways and has brought out a social tool bar. Although it is designed to go on the top of your blog, I have installed on the bottom of this issue of my newsletter. Notice how it sits on the bottom of the screen and doesn't move. Give it a try, click on the different sections of the toolbar to see what it can do. I think that you will find that it is a very good alternative to widget hell. Unfortunately, you do have to give up half an inch at the bottom of every screen for it.

Because the toolbar "locks" into position at the top of the page, it can displace your header in many themes. There is a way around this though. You can set the property “Social bar position”, which is your first choice on the Google Friend Connect, site to bottom and it will ride the status bar like it does here.

Although the bar originally had some problems with IE, the Google folks seem to have cured the problems. Take a look at the bar and let me know how it is working with your browser.

It also makes it easier, almost totally painless, to collect names and email addresses. The toolbar shows the history, comments and activity of users on your blog so that you can more easily find and add active new "friends" that use Google Friend Connect more often.

A side perk to the new toolbar is that it lets you moderate comments easily. Google has made a video that shows off the features of the new toolbar. It can be viewed below

In a radical departure from my usual practice, I have included a video in this newsletter. Check out the Google video below which gives you an overview of the toolbar..

Goole's Social Bar is Neat Eh?

Where should you put the code for the toolbar?

I suggest putting all of your widget code in the footer.php file. This allows the whole page to load and be displayed before the widget, which in most cases will increase the speed at which the site loads up.

Here is a quick rundown of how to install the toolbar.

  1. Log into the admin panel for your WordPress installation.

  2. Click design.

  3. Click theme editor.

  4. Click footer.php

  5. Anywhere on the text area, click "ctrl a", then "ctrl c".

  6. Open notepad and anywhere on the page hit "ctrl v".

  7. Save the file as “footer.php” - you need the quotes. This will back up the file in case you make a major error.

  8. Go back to Wordpress and scroll to the bottom of the text area.

  9. Just above "<./body>" (without the dot) add the Google code.

Now uninstall all of your widgets and replace them with quality content or sales links and copy.


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Final Notes
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