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This is the third in a series of articles from guest columnist Dirk Dupon. Thanks Dirk for stepping into the breach.

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How To Use Amazon To Build High Quality Articles Quick
by Dirk Dupon

To really benefit from article marketing, you need to submit lots of quality articles with targeted keywords to the article directories. This way the search engines will pick up your articles, and expose them to people who are looking for your keywords.

Article marketing is a numbers game. The more articles you submit, the bigger chance publishers will use them and bring visitors to your website.

Now, a problem that you may face when you want to write lots of articles is finding a unique article idea.

There are a few ways to get inspiration. You can do your research online by using Google, or any other search engine, to find new topics that you can write an interesting quality article about. But did you know that Amazon is also a great place to find topics for a new article?

Picture yourself, standing in a gigantic bookstore. Now imagine that you had all the books on the subject you were researching, open at the same time right in front of you. How would you like to be able to flick through all the books, and instantly find the pages with your subjectís keywords on them?

This is exactly what Amazon has done for you. They have crated a brilliant a tool that is perfect for researching content, called Search Inside.

Itís an article writerís dream; laser-targeted pages of content that you can read, digest and rewrite, and best of all, delivered to your computer in seconds.

ís how to do it.

Log in to Amazon. In the search box at the top, select Books and enter your search term or keywords in the box beside it. It is like a Google search but only 100 times better.

Example: if you want to do research on vegetable gardening, enter the exact term in the search box. A whole list with bestselling books that cover your niche will appear.

If you do not find what you are looking for, you can refine your search by selecting more books in the vegetable gardening niche. Amazon has millions of books in store, so it would surprise me if you can not find the subject you are looking for.

When you click the Search Inside link on top of the book cover that interests you, you can peek inside the book.

When you open the book, the table of contents appears. You can take notes of the book contents, and use them later to create your new article. If you have an Amazon account, you can even read whole chapters of the book for free.

Another great way to use Amazon for your research is the option to see all the keywords that are being used to bring up the book. You can place these keywords strategically in your own article, to get the search engines happy, and attract more visitors.

Amazon is an incredible and free to use resource tool. You can use the Search Inside option to do unlimited searches on any possible topic that you can think of. All of the books listed are written by professional writers, who know what they write about.

Every time you need inspiration for a new article, you can go back to Amazon. Itís a great and fun place to find unlimited article topics and ideas.


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