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To be truly successful as an Internet marketer, you need two things; a list - which I address this week, and a way to turn that list into recurring or passive income which I addressed in my last newsletter. A membership site is the ideal way to do this.

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Creating A Killer Squeeze Page
by Jim Green

Every email marketer needs a squeeze page. After all, a squeeze page houses your opt-in form and provides a place for your contacts to find you, evaluate what you are offering, and decide whether or not to become an active subscriber of your list.

When it comes to developing fully functional, effective squeeze pages that drive in traffic and flood your autoresponder with fresh, motivated buyers, there are a few elements that absolutely must be implemented into your opt-in page.

For starters, a squeeze page is very similar to a sales page in that its primary function is to pull in customers and motivate them to take action, in this case, subscribe to your list.

That call to action is essential in creating high performance squeeze pages. You must place strong emphasis on ensuring that your visitors are directed to fill in the opt-in form, otherwise they will not be added to your list.

Apart from its main intention however, a squeeze page and a sales page's actual structure is very different. A sales pages, is typically designed to offer as much information about a particular product or service as possible, since the main focus is on transforming a visitor into a customer.

With a squeeze page, you aren't asking your visitor to make such a decision, in fact, with squeeze pages you essentially offering something for free, as an incentive for that visitor to become an active subscriber. The approach you take when designing a squeeze page is therefore very different from a traditional sales page.

The power of an exceptionally targeted list is truly incredible, and the more focussed your list is, the easier it will be to generate revenue from those subscribers.

Keeping this in mind, when you develop a squeeze page, you need to have a strong focus on your market, and design your offer around an existing problem, need or question.

Generic squeeze pages rarely do well. In fact, when it comes to list building, the more relevant your giveaway is, the better your campaign will do, both in initially building a list and then later in being able to cater to it.

For example, if you are focussed on the dog training niche, offering a free report on 'Top Ten Proven Strategies To Training Your Dog' would likely generate a lot of interest from your market, however if you tailored a report to focus on a broader topic, such as 'Top Ten Tips for Pet Owners', you will likely struggle to build a targeted list, since even though the target audience may be similar, it is not exactly the same, and your opt-ins will unlikely be responsive as your squeeze page isn't focussed enough.

For many people, developing a squeeze page can be intimidating, especially if they feel that they just can't write solid copy. If your email campaign stands a chance at being successful, you need to make sure that it’s well structured, focussed and relevant.

However, when it comes to creating squeeze pages, often times the less text and copy you have on your page, the better it will perform.

You want to keep it trimmed down, providing enough information to get your audience excited about your offer, without overwhelming them with too much information.

Once again, remember that with a squeeze page you must construct it differently from a traditional sales page. You don't need to pre-sell your visitors, you only need to motivate them to subscribe to your mailing list.

To help you create the most effective squeeze page possible, here is a step by step overview of how to construct a high performing squeeze page in any market or industry:

Magnetic Headlines

Just like a sales page, you need to instantly draw their attention and motivate your visitors to explore your page, and essentially take action.

The headline is one of the most important elements of your squeeze page, because it describes your offer and indicates to your reader that the free giveaway you are offering in exchange for their subscription is relevant to what they are interested in learning more about.


While the copy used on your squeeze page should be minimal, you need to ensure that you highlight the benefits of your newsletter, and provoke curiosity, excitement and keep them interested long enough for your call of action to take over. Your content should describe what your newsletter is all about, explain what they will receive after joining, and break down the information so that your reader knows exactly what to expect as a subscriber.

Use Bullet Points

Bullet points emphasize important features and draw attention to the special aspects of becoming a subscriber of your list. This is a great way to showcase the benefits of becoming a subscriber, and what they will receive, in return, for their subscription.

Keep It Focussed

Eliminate any external links and keep your squeeze page tight and focussed. Remember, the primary objective is to get your visitors to enter their name and email address to become a member of your list. You don't want to distract them, send them off to internal pages, or confuse them in the process with multiple navigational options.

Strong Call To Action

This is critical if you want your squeeze page to produce results. You need to clearly direct your readers to your opt-in form, instruct them on how to subscribe, and inform them that they must confirm their opt-in decision before they will be added to your list (if you are using the double opt-in structure).

Consider highlighting your call to action, or using bold text to emphasize it, like this:

“Submit Your Information Immediately To Claim This Report – Before It’s Gone!”

This creates a sense of urgency and gets them excited about what you're offering. This is an important element to keep in mind. You also may want to try a more specific scarcity tactic, like,

“Only 47 Copies Available – Claim Yours Before It’s Gone!”

Minimize Graphics and Use Them Wisely

Ecovers can increase subscriber rates by giving your visitor a visual picture of what they will receive after subscribing to your list.

Make sure that the graphics you use are high quality and original, and that your report cover portrays the product or offer you are giving away accurately.

If you are offering a short report on 'Dog Training Mistakes To Avoid', make sure that your report cover clearly illustrates the topic.

Always make sure that you personally go through the subscription process before launching your campaign to make sure that you receive the initial welcome email sent out by your autoresponder, and that your opt-in box itself works properly.

When it comes to offering your visitors an incentive to subscribe to your list, there are a variety of different things that you can provide including:

  • Reports

  • Ebooks (including PLR, MRR or RR)

  • Articles

  • ECourses

  • Video Guides

  • Tutorials

  • Interview Transcripts

  • Free resources (graphics, templates, etc)

As long as what you are offering is relevant to your target market, and is as unique and high quality as possible, your squeeze page should do its job of converting visitors into active subscribers.

If you have trouble creating free content to give away on your squeeze page, you could consider outsourcing it to an affordable freelancer on marketplaces such as:

You could also consider using private label rights material to power your initial offering. Just make sure that you have a valid licence to distribute the material, and that it's of exceptional quality.

Here is one PLR source worth considering:

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IMPORTANT: When it comes to keeping your visitors on your website, one common mistake that email marketers make is in how they structure their squeeze pages to handle subscription requests.

By default, autoresponder services like or will automatically direct your visitor to their home page, after your reader subscribes.

In some cases, they may even offer them other email lists that they can subscribe to.
You do NOT want to do this!

Instead, make sure that you redirect your subscriber back to your website, and create a thank you page that thanks them for signing up and reminds them that they must check their email to verify their request.

Keep them on your website, focussed on completing the process, otherwise by allowing your autoresponder service to direct them off-site, you are going to lose out on potential subscribers who simply forget to validate their request to be added to your list.

If you find it difficult to create a squeeze page, one easy tactic is to study existing squeeze pages in your market, and then create yours so that it is modelled after successful pages.

Don't copy from them, but use them as inspiration and a foundation on which to build your own.

If you aren't familiar with HTML and aren't comfortable editing code or CSS, you could consider using Wordpress to develop squeeze pages, quickly and easily.

With Wordpress, you can set up a static website in just a few minutes, and by simply copying and pasting your autoresponder code into its main page, you can have a fully functional squeeze page set up within minutes.

You can download a copy of Wordpress from and a free copy of Code Banter's Wordpress autoresponder plugin that will instantly feature an opt-in box on your blog, at

You can also purchase pre-designed HTML based squeeze pages that allow for you to instantly plug in your autoresponder code from high quality developers.

Another thing to consider is building video based squeeze pages, where you feature a video alongside your opt-in form that offers your visitors a slideshow or presentation of what you are offering.

Use a free movie making program like Windows movie maker, if it came with your computer, or download a trial copy of Camtasia ( and create a short video or slideshow that speaks directly to your target audience and showcases the benefits of your mailing list or newsletter.

Remember to split test your squeeze pages, so that you are consistently tweaking and improving them for best results!

Give it a try. I'm sure that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Final Notes
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